5 Best Linux Hosting Services and Its Advantages – Hurricane Valley Times

Best Linux business hosting services whether a basic or dedicated server is available in wide numbers. Today we are going to discover more about the giant and the best open source in the market- Linux. 

What is Linux Hosting? 

Linux, an open-source operating system, was created by Linus Torvalds in the year of 1991. It has been modified since then and even versions of it are known. It is a popular host because of its modifiable nature along with its cost-effectiveness feature.

  • InMotion Hosting

InMotion Hosting is one the best Linux business hosting providing high-quality packages that give consumers control over other websites. The shared hosting offered is packed with frequent backups, free site migration, and a builder as well.

For those who know technical terminology, InMotion includes support for MySQL databases, Ruby, Python, and SSH access. You can manage various WordPress installations like PrestaShop, Joomla pre-installation. And you get all of this at merely $2.49 a month on different year plans. 

Powerful upgrades at an affordable rate make InMotion a great option for Linux business hosting. You can choose different plans ranging from $5 a month for one year. Every plan offers significant plans and functions.

  • SiteGround

With SiteGround you receive advanced technical support. If you want certain standard products but it is not available, the company can create a custom solution for your needs. Yes, you can get a customized product according to your business needs. Another best Linux reseller hosting quality you might need to look for. 

The website lists different technologies it supports on its platforms such as smart Linux containers, database replication, and technical knowledge of PHP, Apache, MongoDB, Redis, Solr, and others.

Users do not expect this level of support, but SiteGround exceeds expectations. The platform’s attractive hosting plan has a lot to offer with cPanel and SSH access such as Cloudflare integration, daily backups, 24 hours support via live chat, phone, and a ticket system. All of this comes at a cost of just $4.99 a month for a year (rate might differ), then $14.99 afterward.

SiteGround’s cloud hosting includes the following; 

  • CentOS system,
  • PostgreSQL, 
  • MySQL 5,
  • 5 PHP versions, 
  • Apache, 
  • HHVM,
  • Exim mail server, 
  • A private DNS. 

All of the above is pre-installed and managed for your convenience with the SiteGround platform. If you decide to go for a dedicated server, you will get some extras like Nginx-based cache for WordPress, HHVM, Git integration, and others. 

All these features may be surplus, they do offer a good level of indication and technical expertise SiteGround can provide. For Linux business hosting, this provider is the best tool for the task.

  • Hostwinds 

Another best Linux web host provider, Hostwinds, delivers unmanaged VPS plans with which you are given total control over your hosting. You get to pick from a wide range of operating systems, including Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian, and many others. It is very much possible to set up and configure the OS in any particular way you desire. 

It is significant to keep in mind that selecting an unmanaged package will require you to be more sincere as you are responsible for it. The entire process will not be your host’s responsibility. 

To give an example; suppose you come across a software issue it’s you who will have to fix it. Most Linux users do not find this intimidating. Many functions of Hostwinds plans are straightforward to use. Site management is carried through cPanel, while other installations are automated.

  • Liquid Web 

The platform has proven to show an impressive record in offering flexible VPS and dedicated servers. 

You can opt for the following with Liquid Web;

  • CentOS,
  • CentOS 6 and 7, 
  • Debian 8,9, 10,
  • Fedora30. 

The platform delivers round-the-clock technical support, the team is very active to address such issues. If there is any failure, the provider offers fast and effective solutions. One clause of the platform states that if the company does not respond to your ticket within 30 minutes, you will be credited with 10times the amount missed. There are other clauses which include things like network, electricity outages and others. 

  • OVH

Another best reseller hosting in Linux India is OVH, the platform that allows you to learn without investing much capital. The provider supports the following; 

  • Ubuntu 14.0, 
  • CentOS6, 7, 8, & 9,
  • Fedora 26,
  • Arch Linux,
  • Debian 7, 8 and others.

OVH is somewhat okay to have as it allows new users to experiment at little expense. We recommend using this platform for your practice and knowledge purpose. 

To Sum Up

We hope choosing Linux for business hosting will not be difficult for you after reading our suggestions. You will need a planner or dedicated server to set up, manage and maintain all other features on your behalf. One of the most interesting things with Linux is the amount of control you get while creating your package. Make sure to go through every feature carefully before making a purchase.