50+ Web Tools and Services That Ruled 2021 – iTech Post

After long research, lots of tests and comparisons, we managed to end this huge project.

We managed to create an article about the 50+ web tools and services that ruled 2021. Probably most of these tools will rule 2022 too.

To make the article as useful as possible for a large audience, we included tools from various fields:

Low code solution

– WordPress themes and plugins

– Website builders

– Logo builders

– Web design and web development agencies

– SEO agencies 

ramotion.com/blog/– useful information about UI/UX design, branding, mobile and web app development

–  Collaboration tool

– And even more.

We reviewed on short all these solutions.

Here it starts.

1. FreelanceLogoDesign

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FLD is a unique freelance logo design marketplace serving the needs of both clients and designers. Clients can hire freelance logo designers online by naming their own price (from as little as $50) and get custom designs within minutes. 

In addition to the logo contest model, FLD also features a premade logo store containing non winning logo designs from previous contests. You can search for the design you like, get it customized by the designer, and receive a complete logo package including logo copyright at a fraction of the cost.

2. 24x7WPSupport

24x7WPSupport is a team of experts specialized in WordPress. They will help you with:

– WordPress themes

– Dedicated hosting

– Repairs and fixes

– Domains

– SSL Certificates

– Website development

– And much more.

Get a free quote.

3. Mobirise Website Builder

Mobirise is the perfect website builder for both newbies and professionals that need to quickly launch a website for budget-friendly rates.

It is heavily loaded with stuff:

– A huge library of almost 5,000 stunning website templates

– Tons of elements

– Smart and intuitive interface

– A quick drag and drop builder

– And even more.

Find out more about Mobirise.

4. Philippines Outsourcing Software Development – Startechup

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Startechup is a team of experts specialized in:

– Web development

– Mobile app development

– Minimum viable product

– UI/UX design

They have offices in France and their awesome development center is locate in the Philippines, being one of the best in the industry.

Visit the Software development services page to find out more about Startechup.

5. Taskade – Collaborative To-do List for Remote Teams

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Are you working with remote teams? How are you getting all the work done? Do you have dedicated workspaces for all your different projects?

Taskade is a brilliant collaboration tool that will help you get more work done in less time, to keep everything well organized, to create customized workspaces for all your projects, to share files, to make calls, and much more.

Sign up for the free forever plan and get started.

Or use this coupon code: BlackFriday2021 for any workspace upgrade. Select “Add promo code” on checkout, enter the code, then hit “Apply”. 

This will apply a 50% OFF lifetime discount to your subscription.  Enjoy and feel free to invite others to your workspace!

6. TestingBot


With 6 million tests made each month with TestingBot, and with users like Microsoft, Disney, and Grammarly, this platform is one of the best in the world.

TestingBot is highly advanced, yet very simple to use for all types of users.

Sign up for the free 28-day trial and see how it works.

7. Custom Analytics Dashboards & Data Storytelling


Are you using custom analytics dashboards? 

If your answer is no, you miss a huge opportunity. Custom dashboards show you only the analytics that matter for you, for each project of yours, and in a way that is easy to consume and understand the data. 

Stop getting burrowed in vanity metrics that are hiding the real story. 

Let the consultants from The Gray Dot Company craft you the custom analytics dashboards that you need for your business. 

Get your free quote now.

8. TheDock.io

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It was never so easy to craft a WordPress website from scratch, as you want and need.

TheDock is the WordPress website builder of the future, revolutionizing the way how people are building websites for this platform.

The builder is highly visual and simple to use.

Give it a try.

9. Goodie

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Goodie is a reliable and professional web development partner that helps web designers from all parts of the world with their high-quality services.

You will love Goodie because they deliver outstanding work for budget-friendly rates.

Get your free quote.

10. Total WordPress Theme

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Total is a premium and complete WordPress theme that you can use to craft any kind of website you need – personal, blog, business, shop, portfolio, creative, marketing etc.

You will find included 45+ stunning templates that you will install with 1-click and tons of cool elements. Use the included drag-and-drop builder to make all the edits you want.

50% Off for Cyber Week / Black Friday!

11. Complete SEO

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Complete SEO is much more than an awarded SEO agency.

They are the solution for all the companies that want to hit very high targets in SEO.

Get a free quote.

12. Quality Email marketing features

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Are you getting the most out of your email marketing? 

If not, then Mailmunch will help you achieve results with minimum effort with the best email marketing features.


As it turns out, Mailmunch is the most competitive email marketing and lead generation platform in the industry, offering you everything you need:

– A stunning library of 100+ templates. All of them were crafted by experts who understand the user’s needs and requirement to create highly engaging emails that guarantees conversion. 

– Drag-and-drop builder

– Integration with email service providers

– Responsive designs

– Analytics and reporting

– Automations to create the user journey based on their behavior

– And even more.

Use Mailmunch to boost conversions by up to 400%.

Try it now.

13. Gmail HTML email templates

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Unlayer offers some of the very best Gmail HTML email templates in the industry. All of them are engaging and high-converting, and it will help you supercharge your email marketing effortlessly. 

Take a look.

14. Flamingo

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Flamingo is a smart leave management for remote teams app that is well integrated with Slack and which transforms HR tasks in enjoyable and quick actions for both you and your remote teams.

Find out more about Flamingo, it is among the few highly appreciated leave management software for remote teams.

15. Web Developers in Kansas City

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Kansas Web Design & SEO are experts in both web design and SEO, having the knowledge and experience to craft formidable websites that rank high in search engines and which get serious organic traffic.

Their work is very different than anything else.

Get a free quote.

16. Best Podcast Booking Agencies

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Podcasting is a smart marketing strategy to increase brand awareness, boost conversions, and even build links.

Find out here which are the best podcast booking agencies and pick one that fits your needs.

Start podcasting now.

17. Small Business Reviews

jXk6xIYC4LlcXmJnCiImWnsa YfpdjmlRzKK0hZtR8CnaxPKfv44a7KDFEYJI39Doc AJ Gwo6U

BloggerLocal is a highly popular website that writes comprehensive reviews about small businesses from different industries.

Find out all the information you need from this website.

18. Heroic Inbox

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Heroic Inbox is a professional WordPress plugin that lets you do something extremely smart – manage customer support emails directly from the website interface.

Find out more about this solution.

19. Codester

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Codester is one of the few marketplaces that web designers, web developers, marketers, and website owners from all parts of the world love.

They all use Codester to make all their acquisitions – PHP scripts, app templates, themes, plugins, etc.

Browse this marketplace.

20. Web Design Auckland

xixPoFKt3D3FhFYV3Bo6apLEx7VqCO0ZhaODrohLW30nxtRqC7yZSKrw0T3FVTqERsxZMiZHKJOwkp7SIUXG4y0X8Cc HgoCKBhJWf rZFfozhF6E4nkvUDjywI228qFLpVKQ4M?w=650

AMG Web Design Auckland is a premium boutique agency that will help you with:

  • Custom web design and development

  • SEO

  • Digital Marketing

  • Web Content Management

  • Hosting

  • Logo Design and Branding

  • Graphic Design & Print

  • Photography

They have 20+ years of experience and they are popular for delivering high-quality, smart and creative work, while their rates are budget friendly.

And even better, for Black Friday 2021 they offer a 20% discount which is valid until the end of 2021.

21. Hire Jordan Smith

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If you’re in search of quality web design look no further! Hire Jordan Smith is a Tulsa web design company with many years of experience producing professional websites for businesses of all shapes and sizes all over the United States.

Whether you’re a law firm or service company hoping to attract more clients, a blogger seeking to increase your online presence or an eCommerce store looking to increase sales, Hire Jordan Smith can work with you to create a strategically built website that will help you reach your digital goals.

Get a free quote from Hire Jordan Smith.

22. DWS 

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DWS is an all-in-one web design and web development agency that will craft you websites that rank high in search engines and which get serious organic traffic.

Get a free quote.

23. uKit

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uKit stands out from the crowd due to its focus on the needs and skills of beginners, letting them start quality personal and business websites. The system has powerful built-in eCommerce and blogging engines, free SSL Certificate connection option, temporary project management access and other features that make it prevail over the competitors. 

24. WebAsk – Survey and Form Builder

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WebAsk stands out from the crowd as a simple yet feature-laden online form builder, which can be used to start and publish all kinds of widespread web forms. It offers a set of pre-design form templates that come with adaptive design and multiple customization tools to give them the required look and functionality. 


Yd9ZJNPHaRVW4H62gNtjY3K4Uyz91zNCCRGMbEcMxDSi hIfGuaqq3jCAbfKUegy6ywx5tFUSIX5MHOxlOLZPvZMDox 532ngYcsVNP i

XSTORE is a powerful, engaging, and high-converting WooCommerce theme that has wide library of shop templates – 100+ designs.

Find out more about XSTORE, it is one of the very best WooCommerce themes in the world.

26. uCalc 

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uCalc offers a professional approach to the process of web form creation and customization. The software grants access to integrable widgets, features and elements needed to create your web form/calculator layout. This lets you stay connected with the target audience and contributes to effective business promotion. 

27. MVP solution for Startups – Startup Oasis

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Startup Oasis is the hand of help you want for launching your own Minimum Viable Product.

They have huge experience in the industry, helping startups make successful MVPs launches.

Check the Minimum Viable Product Package page and pick the right one for you.

28. Invoice Software for Cleaners

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InvoiceBerry is a professional invoicing solution for cleaning businesses, being very simple to use while it comes loaded with all the bells and whitsles.

Sign up for the free trial and see how it works.

It will help your cleaning business get paid faster.

29. Embed a blog

You want a professional blog for your website but you are not using WordPress or other CMS, so the only way is to hire an expensive team to get the work done for you?

Actually, there is another way.

You can simply use bloghandy and let the app embed a blog on your website, with just 2 lines of codes. This is much better and much less expensive.

Try it for free.

30. Online Group Chat Platform for Websites Live Events and Q&A

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RumbleTalk is an online group chat platform that will add live events and Q&A sessions on your website, with just a few clicks.

The software is feature rich and very simple to use.

Give it a try.

31. Litho – Multipurpose Elementor WordPress Theme

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Litho is a brilliant multipurpose Elementor WordPress theme that will boost your website conversions and engagement.

The theme is loaded with stunning designs that you can easily install, and it lets you do deep customizations.

Take a look.

32. Instant Logo Design

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Instant logo design is an online logo maker that’s extremely easy to use. Just type in your business name to get logo design ideas instantly. As you shortlist the design ideas you like, the logo maker will learn from your selection and generate more designs to your liking. If you need a simple and creative logo, be sure to check out this instant logo maker.

33. Brizy – The “no-code” website builder for designers

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Brizy will help you create any kind of website or landing page you want, even if you don’t have any experience or design skills.

Try it now and don’t forget that for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, they offer a massive 40% discount.

34. uCoz

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When it comes to professional website development, uCoz proves to be a full-featured solution to work with. The platform is quite easy to use, offering multiple modules with regard to your project specialization. It has blogging/eCommerce engines along with versatile design customization tools and features. 

35. SiteBuilders.PRO

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SiteBuilders.Pro is a credible and professional full-cycle website migration service, which specializes in quality transfer of various types of projects between popular CMS and website builders. Whatever website you intend to move, it will maintain its initial content, SEO positions and design. This appeals to the majority of their clients. 

36. WhatFontIs 

WhatFontIs will help you identify the font you like, from any image, in under 60 seconds.

The tool is 100% free to use, and the font identification process is straightforward and simple.

Give it a try now.

37. SuperbWebsiteBuilders.com


With SuperbWebsiteBuilders.com, the choice of a full-featured web design platform becomes simple and hassle-free. The resource analyzes and compares popular services, using multiple parameters that matter a lot to subscribers. Likewise, there are reviews of well-known hosting providers here, which also enjoy user popularity. The blog is regularly updated with new info.  

38. Lemona Playful Font

GGYhvobTMKHh8XtEeYblPKxw0k MztnQe2EEw9lqV2El7 aZEmEbZRgyldQRJL9gnmhF6atSJ NNsMu2Y2SmSM2JzKqndcjFGSUpXBGujc3TbxxQgW3Z9lO9O5 Vr0KCl di7cI?w=650

Lemona is a beautiful hand-drawn playful font for display headings and titles. The display font is pleasant to read on screen without strain.  It fits the projects that require fun and cheerful designs!

It works perfectly for creative projects such as logo, badge, invitation, packaging, apparel design, heading and title, poster, magazine, greeting card, printed quotes flyers and wedding invitation and more.

39. actiTIME

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You are looking for the best time-tracking software in the world? 

actiTIME is the name of the solution that is being used by companies of all sizes, including by Fortune 500 corporations.

Sign up for the free trial and see how it works.

40. Gather information from clients

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You know very well the hassle of chasing clients for information. You send them tons of emails and follow-ups, and they still don’t send you the information you need, delaying the project.

So, you lose lots of time and in the same time you get angry and frustrated.

Why don’t use Content Snare app and automate the whole process?

The app will gather information from your clients, in your place. 

Save up to 71% of your time collecting information.

Just imagine your new life.

41. Acowebs


WooCommerce Wishlist plugin by Acowebs allows your visitors to add products to the wishlist. One of the easiest ways to engage your audience is by using a wishlist feature on your store. The WooCommerce Wishlist Plugin is an essential tool for any e-commerce website. It helps to engage your audience with a feature that allows users to add products to their wishlist and share their favourite products with friends.

The WooCommerce Wishlist Plugin is a free plugin for woocommerce, which provides a great way to keep track of your user’s favorite products and creates a personalised wishlist. 

42. Bet 95% off on Admin Dashboards Templates

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WrapPixel is offering lots of both free and premium admin dashboard templates. All their templates look stunning, and easy to customize.

For Black Friday 2021, they offer a massive 95% discount.

43. RocketHub

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RocketHub is the source of legendary lifetime software deals that you would love to find to get the powerful SaaS solutions your business needs.

To grow your business, you shouldn’t have to struggle with the tools you need.

Get amazing lifetime software deals from top software companies, investors, and co-founders at RocketHub and save up to 95% on software deals!

They find the hottest technology companies and partner with them. They offer access to crazy deals on their products, so be sure not to miss out! They sell out very fast. This will save you thousands of dollars and provide you with the tools to grow your business.

Become a Rocketeer today to receive exclusive discounts and amazing lifetime deals not available anywhere else.

44. 99Robots

OYTWxihicyi3x73gLlhgI091 FC7tVPSsqY2HihQbVr9ISKLn2Or7YV7I YpOTXdxw4FBiR Gt9tvTE3 OPcC1ruzYgcrZyOQ4HGsFANwRtdtEe1DHad00H4LT aIHPeg6F31 Y?w=650

Facebook ads management requires an understanding of your business and competition to build brand recognition and grow your sales. 

Extracting the essence of your brand is key to success. This is done by truly understanding your customer avatar, relaying the right message through compelling ads, and taking them through a sales journey is what they do best at 99 Robots.

45. Ampfluence

f90fXI1J3rULJlbLz4wOG16FmQ9 xOT1 Vphyyy7AoDARFKG75fuApge e1eXHein afy1WioKZmDdrjaOGUfaI2zvK5BJVdxJfUBt8pebQApUeaDXQ 4 NsGQjp7f4kBYiYaQg?w=650

Amplfuence doesn’t promise a miraculous follower growth overnight, instead, they believe in consistency and efforts which go a long way. 

This time do not only help businesses achieve their goals but also micro-influencers who want to create beautiful content that matches their desired aesthetic. Amplfuence is the best way to boost your follower growth without the involvement of bots or gimmicks. 

46. Find Top Design Agencies

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Quality Creative Services have not been easy to find, but thanks to unRFP the whole process becomes less cumbersome. unRFP hosts an extensive database of trustable design agencies from around the globe with reliable client ratings and feedback, design portfolio and hourly rates, making it easy to evaluate and select.

47. Free Temporary Email Detection API

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Antideo has a very large database of disposable email domains that constantly get updated as and when the system comes across new disposable domains. The Antideo email validation API ensures that every submission through your contact forms are validated against the database to block temporary email addresses.

48. Jacqueline | Spa & Massage Salon Beauty WordPress Theme + Elementor

Consider using the Jacqueline WordPress theme to launch a user-friendly and multi-functional website for spa and beauty sites. It comes loaded with many amazing features that let you adjust the theme design and functionality to match your business needs to the fullest. The theme is made with the Elementor page builder, which adds advanced drag-and-drop functionality to your site. Besides, the theme includes online appointments functionality and gift certificates, which let you deliver better services to your clients, which lets you manage your clients’ visits without leaving your site. 

49. Kicker – Multipurpose Blog Magazine WordPress Theme + Gutenberg

jRYE62q8D3RwByy5pgl78OW7I7PK7gEWmV5jsbKTAn tBP9U20 tZ20HQPXObpkvdRyyQ4rjwRCa 

If it’s a blog or an online magazine that you’d like to launch on the web, the Kicker WordPress theme should be perfectly suited for such purposes. The theme features a multi-functional design bundled with a collection of niche-specific demos and 1000+ unique blog layout styles. It’s based on the Elementor page builder and seamlessly integrates with Gutenberg. The theme includes lots of blogging features, which let you build a user-friendly and readable blog in no time.

50. Qwery – Multi-Purpose Business WordPress Theme + RTL

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Qwery WordPress theme features all you need to build a user-friendly and multi-functional website without much effort. It’s a multi-purpose WordPress theme that includes a collection of 60+ ready-made demos for a range of personal and business needs. There are ready-made web designs for music, educational, architecture, medical, restaurant, and other topic-specific projects. It’s made with the Elementor page builder, which lets you apply all the needed changes in the drag-and-drop mode. Besides, the theme includes two booking options, the events calendar, WooCommerce package, header and footer builder, multiple portfolio layouts, and many other handy options. 

51. Creative Tim

You want The Ultimate Stack from Creative Tim?

It contains 102 premium products and it is sold with discounts that go way up to 90%.

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52. Fotor Graphic Designer 

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Fotor is a complete free online design tool that will help you create professional design templates and Instagram ads, to create posters, and even more.

Give it a try.

53. Xfive

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Xfive is a heavy weight web development agency that delivers outstanding work to companies of all sizes and industries, and from all parts of the world.

If you need the very best for your project, work with Xfive, they will make you more than happy.

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54. Fugue Music

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Fugue is a diverse library of original royalty-free music tracks created by professional composers in different styles, moods, and genres. The Fugue tracks work effectively for vlogs, promo, intro and explainer videos, animated cartoons, commercials, podcasts, games, UI interactions, and other goals. 


As you saw, we also included in the article web development agencies like Goodie. We know perfectly that sometimes web tools cannot achieve what humans can.

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