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50+ Web Tools and Services That Will Rule 2022
(Photo : Image by Mudassar Iqbal from Pixabay )

2021 is almost gone and we all prepare ourselves for 2022.

In this article, we handpicked 50+ web tools and services that we think that will rule 2022.

How was the selection made?

We took into consideration everything:

– Features

– Ease of use

– Popularity

– Prices 

– Free or paid

– Upgrades

– Support

– Interface

All of you will find useful web tools and services as we included various solutions:

Low code app

– Logo builders

– WordPress support service

– Website builders

– Themes and plugins

Ramotion blog – one of the best places to visit for information about UI/UX Design, branding, mobile, and web app development

Collaboration tool

– Invoicing software

– SEO agencies

– Web design and web development agencies

– And much more.

Take your time to read this article, it is long, but it is super useful.

1. FreelanceLogoDesign

tjIRZwc05b8kajXn3utB6KhbnJvaryPnXY0IUDfRKbAwl7LTc YpybkwPZLU3rtEYWvghGu DnxxLu VSuXWF28alvapT4jvdqFjilTOtEH Qv1

FLD is a unique freelance logo design marketplace serving the needs of both clients and designers. Clients can hire freelance logo designers online by naming their own price (from as little as $50) and get custom designs within minutes. 

In addition to the logo contest model, FLD also features a premade logo store containing non winning logo designs from previous contests. You can search for the design you like, get it customized by the designer, and receive a complete logo package including logo copyright at a fraction of the cost.

2. 24x7WPSupport

UHoYZUg7Rxy7bRTZOzcrOmIY0ov1IAysz hnIqybLsa3Nhvw15QG4IrbE0eF yYs2ErMOZ7A1vpGoGaZ6EBb 1207t m8RBgISSlLxLFaj1aYhLatHJbc k3vDjm3hZEDi qejU?w=650

24x7WPSupport offers full support for your WordPress website and even more:

– Website development

– Themes (part of their all-inclusive plan)

– Repairs and fixes

– Website migration

– Domains, SSL certificates, and dedicated hosting

– And even WordPress training (again, this is part of their all-inclusive plan)

Let experts manage your WordPress website so you can handle other parts of your business.

3. Mobirise Website Builder

6650MHgDiQCXRxu42GZVfEnJ49VFjXaVJqSUWKuTU1TWowcY1fBhjXHGA4eUhupMcmRBeZTuZIM9ExlA5Kd VxK8PIBP29txwwFYk2x 5Dpf5Gh cn 22Rs8HHVy8JWNzCJrelc?w=650

Mobirise is the website builder than you can use to create impeccable and stunning websites, even without prior experience or any design skills. 

It has included much more than you will ever need, and it is very simple to use.

Give it a try right now.

4. Philippines Outsourcing Software Development – Startechup

iWUQdr2EUBif29m2 9WkkTDw9BqecldHHim68ZGbhzVSfKljrSb37TuHCEdmVx4 LVcPZj 5fAwBiPbOJr8J9qhxcr29u00XM1uGe3t C08iOHsK XM9KZWzaaOl5ppb7qm5uY?w=650

Do you want the high-quality that the best software development companies from Silicon Valley, Paris, or London, deliver, but you want more budget-friendly rates?

Startechup has offices in France but their highly professional development center is located in the Philippines. 

This is how they manage to cut some costs and offer you much better rates than other companies, without impacting the quality of their services.

Find out more about Startechup by visiting their Software development services page.

5. Taskade – Collaborative To-do List for Remote Teams

Taskade is considered the smartest and most customizable collaboration tool for remote teams, being loaded with all the bells and whistles.

Use it to heavily boost your work with your remote teams.

Keep in mind that Taskade can be used for free, having a free forever plan.

Or use this coupon code: BlackFriday2021 for any workspace upgrade. Select “Add promo code” on checkout, enter the code, then hit “Apply”. 

This will apply a 50% OFF lifetime discount to your subscription.  Enjoy and feel free to invite others to your workspace!

6. TestingBot

O5nbqP 6VC KXhliqWfpkrefLOm7ZJyPqINXRl9R sCJ6DCL3wOjmgiT7YFCy0svtyMW6mC476w6Y5LdBB OONQqUOh X

Use TestingBot to do all the tests you need:

– Cross-browser testing

– Visual testing

– Live testing

– Automated and manual testing

– And much more

Start a free 28-day trial and see how it works. 

7. Custom Analytics Dashboards & Data Storytelling

8 QfKHgV8N3DByUAMKYcx3us6SLBasTqMYqmB12W1YiK0P78mAGMtHK3DSfM9eF7GV7 qW WDEL333p9r 6QhHl1quZWb1w SvDMXpVV0Kq5s1mMOX0MeS2dx7LCYk TETnioZU?w=650

Do you know how top marketers and website owners make quick marketing decisions, even if these decisions have huge impact on their businesses? 

It is simple, they use custom analytics dashboards. 

These dashboards are way different than the “standard” analytics interfaces that you are used to. Using custom dashboards, you will see only the analytics that matter for you, and all of them on just one screen. Sound awesome? It really is. 

Work with The Gray Dot Company consultants and get your own customized analytics dashboards. It will help you big time

8. TheDock.io

tkRB6Jb9BSEoVnX2767saUaFl6RdwlVz1Jn jiIiJ

TheDock is a visual builder that lets you create WordPress websites fast, and without effort.

Create your dream WordPress website from scratch or choose one of the included templates.

Both ways are simple and straightforward.

Try it now.

9. Goodie

kJXBI uobNXc LcKstWkqFUsO2d56mpkP9NKv2mAmggzeJoeM6CfYGKldErVS5NRRhnh0EvRsoMmsEu7qqG6rpMB3R1NLnNfrToATHRJgv6jDKRCmBHaeQimsRWIknscKQSwE?w=650

Goodie is a professional web development agency that will help you with:

– Simple 1-10-page websites

– WordPress websites

– Email newsletters templates

– And even more.

Get a free quote from Goodie, these guys deliver outstanding work.

10. Total WordPress Theme

ZfQsWbDm aj2Iz3cCi1IXZa6Igd6C1M46z6rpSxo V1WOLrGnjHForyl0g29rdffPlHlJqgsl4FQs3z08UfiV2T1UUycGxFiK70 68FP86sKJUB IA8AmjfCsUcJTM W2 Er6Q?w=650

Total is by far the most complete WordPress theme in the industry, being loaded with much more than you will ever need to create your dream website.

Click to see the demo and you will understand right away that Total has nothing to do with other themes.

For Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Total is sold with 50% discount.

11. Complete SEO

JBhFqdaLw583KqdEXM5HttbFR0Y7pcHlI f97xDrrbY u52OyaixU23JGx9Gbrii5y2AjYvVbMQkGxgfRPcw5YtFh LqA3novDuXCBBAKHSADNMrEZPg9Sqc6f0oFY19 L7d q0?w=650

Complete SEO will heavily boost your website rankings and organic traffic, no matter what industry you are in.

These SEO experts have tons of experience and knowledge in helping companies of all sizes reach insane targets.

Get a free quote and start working with one of the best SEO agency in the world.

12. White label email marketing platform

UIYqN4 d4bi2JL0ZwKf6yOgAJBMVn9eV0pvjT5a nMmyRTpmnxLxOvDk iNgEeHEKzbDD7TkVqtmxMe3 GNHpRaXGdeVh 2QVIQygLc COXrFByy0sQMHwyhQpzotYY5 DAhXSM?w=650

Are you looking for a white label email marketing platform fully customizable, simple to configure and to use offering the very best software for your customers?

Then you should use Mailmunch’s white label email marketing platform.

It will help your customers generate leads, boost conversions and sales. And all of that without asking them any special experience or skills.

The interface is so simple and straightforward to use, that even total beginners will achieve impressive results from the first moment using the platform.

Get Mailmunch’s white label solution and let your customers create everything they need:

  • Popup forms

  • Landing pages

  • Customizable templates

  • Broadcast emails

  • Drip campaigns 

  • Autoresponders

Sign up today and get your new business started.

13. This big library of email templates

PEO8ZlhjitW Ze PpSVA p njQ0lzjauYzAMPfZmXkXpG

Unlayer helps you with free HTML email templates for all industries, its library having hundreds of stunning designs.

Take a look and pick everything you need to boost your email marketing conversions.

14. Flamingo


How are you managing leave for your remote teams? You are using spreadsheets, messages and emails?

You probably spend lots of time for that and errors appears from time to time?

Flamingo is a super-smart leave management for remote teams app that will help you do all the HR tasks you need for your team, in an enjoyable, quick, and secure way.

The app is integrated with Slack and it works fantastic.

See how it works.

15. Web Developers in Kansas City

GAV73y3jRhuKhtDPgA7zSssBqGl7IjMO9dxJ3XEjQktuvarOk5xjg62GKQvpVFbrIv5A2QG5yMzqYHFL zsvUYXbvZNcu4jcjQMQY2U3u6ZfvYqZ5v2jI3 zkmZrHg7T1Ma 93M?w=650

Kansas Web Design & SEO is highly popular for building SEO-friendly websites that convert with ease, that rank high in search engines, and which get lots of organic traffic.

You want such a website? Get a free quote.

16. Best Podcast Booking Agencies

cvXo nt3G5VwptveGvDw6zA3iowtbTUHNifN7ueuoTiWny2cCZPphmP4U5uFdN4nm 2ORli5EC9N2MK2BYPcoQJb6ODMw335JeOyqq53PLh 7tC1KJ5c4n8 Ga9XRuWspRBYcGU?w=650

This page is one of the best places in the world if you are looking for complete and accurate information about the best podcast booking agencies.

Find out the strengths and minuses for each podcast booking agency and pick the one you feel comfortable with.

17. Small Business Reviews

mQlI8 EscXcL1lfsSNC nFRQ527GOW3b7KlCcWwMV73Vx43gzjOHRd6AXNjH8vZ4oS9MIJKnj0aig9Z004asVgx6 a189gzVS1V3yBUazsL0MoI3 3ai5bp40lu1B0JuO23qgvk?w=650

BloggerLocal write small business reviews, offering accurate and detailed information.

You want to know which product or service to pick? First check BloggerLocal top 10 articles to get all the information you need for a proper decision.

18. Heroic Inbox

g5Z1UyWJXadgA3GISjqgvSJutWbjQnct iYKri0 2HDDeBiITTTymVOAoTwnsHVUbpM9OjgepJrcBQsKvRBHl8F8OQr 6s8TPCQjHSZsC96fX3G 7EXc6vq MB1s d4jkz6qN7s?w=650

Heroic Inbox is a WordPress plugin that lets you manage customer support email in a shared inbox, saving you tons of time.

Learn more about Heroic Inbox.

19. Codester

8oMmnW2MN2ps2W2Z AawevYp4NQJQ6fibbvYQMUNCKbUdlA nqSIfMJvu6pD7JfuAJown0xvvESNi5XSBBaWxsdM7AJyttJh4bJAr vtQd0Gkjnhbuk YofnpfhkYgAs5PUjPOU?w=650

Codester is one of the biggest marketplaces where you will find PHP scripts, app templates, themes, plugins, and much more.

Take a look.

20. Web Design Auckland

6t0fBLqc 8efTTkIELtftbLuCEX4Z3aQI3Jm88cLV3ceaKE8y9APNe0XxH09 9jOdFbKsLejgROFYShn4VPZZZVZnN XuJd7sYWRbRghL OF1MIY7s098R2lmolFZsxvXa g8?w=650

AMG Web Design Auckland is a 20+ years boutique agency that works with companies of all sizes and industries, mostly from New Zeeland, United Kingdom and Italy.

They provide these services:

  • Custom web design and development

  • SEO

  • Digital Marketing

  • Web Content Management

  • Hosting

  • Logo Design and Branding

  • Graphic Design & Print

  • Photography

Working with AMG Web Design Auckland is very simple as they are serious, they respect deadlines, and they deliver outstanding quality.

Starting with Black Friday and up until the end of 2021, they offer 20% discount.

21. Hire Jordan Smith

If you’re in search of quality web design look no further! Hire Jordan Smith is a Tulsa web design company with many years of experience producing professional websites for businesses of all shapes and sizes all over the United States.

Whether you’re a law firm or service company hoping to attract more clients, a blogger seeking to increase your online presence or an eCommerce store looking to increase sales, Hire Jordan Smith can work with you to create a strategically built website that will help you reach your digital goals.

Get a free quote from Hire Jordan Smith.

22. DWS 

DWS is a one-stop agency that will help you with:

– Custom web design

– Professional web development

– Smart SEO strategies

– Efficient PPC advertising

Get a free quote.

23. uKit

f3wR1t8jhPb3KksUIJ273co9HROnbZ6OdGwKNGXpoVAjjuc O1bvAX3Cd14LVRZ60Kw7z9NAoNUKZL3nmnDVBc8WYkqLLxHf2XnD001rCUEueMX8aoAEYB17UguGr5PV5 TgP7c?w=650

As a small business website builder, uKit offers an extensive choice of free responsive and niche-specific designs, business widgets, CRM and SendPulse integration, enhanced security and project management options. It does not require any coding skills, being a perfect pick for beginners. At the same time, it has much to offer to experienced users. 

24. WebAsk – Survey and Form Builder

IZYU1aGSJr8nltHCeA tVlaGhFVuRRIsZwxSNUQUjXMUXNlkZ0taivHqCmQpoy2soCOS 37yapV D9CrmL32dsRQNi4IjRyzC3a9ooluc79mOnhHFePHwaH7LwZ2iKLoOWcgInw?w=650

Looking for a simple and intuitive online form builder? Then WebAsk is the service to go for! It helps launch and customize online forms to enhance your project performance. It makes it possible to synchronize and integrate with popular services to ensure deeper functionality and to comply with users’ requirements. 


R8MXcUU1jjf963nOBL6Q1 9snbdp2xMvYYI7a9CVESSwnvSuskoXcdcOBHIAc lcWgmB7IEmLPU DaFIW7MuZHrMTrIt2rJsFXWlFVBI4NFI3JVPIB6m y1ma54unjP2jc4KoOA?w=650

XSTORE is the most complete and customizable WooCommerce theme in the industry.

It comes loaded with a stunning library of 100+ shop designs, and tons of elements that will help you craft you dream shop without effort.


26. uCalc 

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uCalc sees its mission in helping its subscribers build qual;otuy and business-specific online forms/calculators. The service lets you pick the required form template to further change its design and style, integrate special elements, add images and third-party integrations, set up automated discounts for services/products, adjust settings, exchange notifications etc. 

27. MVP solution for Startups – Startup Oasis

jHK8 C8ajOtu a36hrOWPu1Qwq8mHzhzfD3aiw RNSD2VzjAV T5H1yAbCg3ZV8Sq4vyuriSIc5 WGSR9NXCf0yKqUk3t6j HMmi7DEXptpzkrHzlEV1rXpcfK5wSkecQt3 pJY?w=650

You are stuck launching your MVP? Or you want to work with an expert from the very first moment so you can make sure your MVP launch will be fully successful?

Hire Startup Oasis and let them help you.

They are experts in launching MVPs.

Visit the Minimum Viable Product Package page to understand more about Startup services.

Contact them now.

28. Invoice Software for Cleaners

O7g0L5335aLzETN8q4TXOUYeOEY Mgofxd59Zy51

You have a cleaning business and you are looking for a dedicated invoicing software?

Stop the looking.

InvoiceBerry is the right solution for you, being specifically created for your business industry.

Start a free trial and see how it works.

29. Embed a blog

bDf74jP0w9j8VsUq38041Oqlvv3opJgWakuNdfD8tl0yfeQ5ianSVmuledHQEIfZ9vmk2P3cg5u8pl RG 7ok3dq3HA44VpUI506PB6Sa4P UuhwMS6qu3GRUwya2b0ELrC8lDU?w=650

Bloghandy will embed a blog on your website in a matter of seconds, with just 2 lines of code.

The blog is loaded with all the bells and whistles, and it looks stunning.

Find out more about this smart way of adding a blog on your website.

30. Online Group Chat Platform for Websites Live Events and Q&A

kaDUHjz2HIfTIgCU8X7YDBRfHx eVTlAImjS n7CV9L4 zuSP7zsk160A55gTTJ7ULsoYeCK4SdITqwsB0m2yvPGFms10ei4tyC23oKKY5Ylp8NnfsQ9IjbROiby6 Nz8EovhRk?w=650

RumbleTalk lets you add live events on your website and Q&A sessions. 

The software is very simple to use and quick.

Find out more about RumbleTalk.

31. Litho – Multipurpose Elementor WordPress Theme

Litho will make your WordPress website stand out of the crowd and boost its conversions.

The theme is loaded with stunning templates that you can install with 1-click, and it is loaded with powerful features that will help you big time.

Find out more about Litho.

32. Instant Logo Design

CL6LpyBeAo jZ0vIBn bpWEDaTYBkhVqKzxwtjCS3dP6n6jMsrgdAKDgnhUWIBsFIRko yWV5T DRrM8JCIG6 uVMm7mbDXcVQg5CUZxnbUg6lOj8gWJQ9hhXbcAo1JX0 A4yk4?w=650

Instant logo design is an online logo maker that’s extremely easy to use. Just type in your business name to get logo design ideas instantly. As you shortlist the design ideas you like, the logo maker will learn from your selection and generate more designs to your liking. If you need a simple and creative logo, be sure to check out this instant logo maker.

33. Brizy – The “no-code” website builder for designers

1OY9N jhWxxP5bXnSruii8imonPlpO8NoZYQTpM7gjrTrAckiCqo4Y1GDt L0xrNfNkXp640kSuGnE IaKg2iIMrKBPf7NCOPyXBo1C3j6R TXrhAZd7Egt7L rk t7jUFPcbqo?w=650

Brizy is the simplest and quickest to use website builder.

It is loaded with pixel-perfect templates and elements, the drag-and-drop builder is intuitive, and the interface is clean and quick.

Give it a try.

34. uCoz 

dyluharo2vOjr1ki1KlQFXZehCiNnWaU Lljo CIzgLmc9OVo6j3M6gALYJraU4GjHf3MFaCTsrGT7KtDccYTZ0 iIDfNnulN1kqxaMVM4kkl1jJmR YVy yIjzJCYfmnIr3uiI?w=650

uCoz is a top solution for entrepreneurs, freelancers and web store owners, who aim at  starting quality projects for effective business promotion. The DIY website builder comes with eCommerce and blogging platforms, simple editor, intuitive web design approach and dozens of modules to choose from. 

35. SiteBuilders.PRO


Need a reliable website transfer solution? Then go ahead to hire the guys from SiteBuilders.Pro. Having thoroughly analyzed your project and platform specifications, they will offer the best migration strategy to comply with your major needs and requirements. To discuss the details and pick the best option, you can apply for a free consultation on a website. This helps save your effort and time. 

36. WhatFontIs 

WhatFontIs is the number 1 choice for identifying fonts from images:

– It has the largest database of indexed fonts – over 850k fonts.

– It is the only system that identifies both free and paid fonts.

– For each identified font, the software provides 60+ free and paid font alternatives.

Upload the picture with the font you like to identify on WhatFontIs website and follow the 3 simple steps.

In less than 60 seconds, you will find all the information you need for your font.

37. SuperbWebsiteBuilders.com

MmXtvMKscp1j7DH Rmo2g5EUbqKpGVMia3bF3eiq2 hscmY04zfAbqxTuTYLCa6bsiJsgxmRjDR

SuperbWebsiteBuilders.com is a great choice, when it comes to choosing a suitable web design platform to start a feature-rich website. The highlight of the platform is the availability of web design system reviews, which work best for the creation of personal and business web projects. The reviews provide information on the pros, cons and special features of each system as well as on their distinctions. 

38. Lemona Playful Font

MgB9t8mPKicfSio87gfB 2Z3ei9lV0DtNYI6P72wDOGpoMXop2ECUGanaM x9kk22I8EzKkUEQXIqOhPhGnDp6ITfq LfWEuB4gtdnrVtSFp8Yua7OuzPQhw7Le7KOqtyhbHHKw?w=650

Lemona is a beautiful hand-drawn playful font for display headings and titles. The display font is pleasant to read on screen without strain.  It fits the projects that require fun and cheerful designs!

It works perfectly for creative projects such as logo, badge, invitation, packaging, apparel design, heading and title, poster, magazine, greeting card, printed quotes flyers and wedding invitation and more.

39. actiTIME

H6veZweZa8EoEHpFRsM0NUrEhjQozGSK8I5S9qqcmuidviLV3PhVXN5isq8zDlkhHsT xF2s 4GtMNkthwjHPpcegJQx9vQdD5fV8JvqIK pEK fbEDhzk40bmNTBgTilJ dMk?w=650

actiTIME is one of the most popular time-tracking software solutions in the industry, being feature rich and simple to use.

Start using actiTIME.

40. Gather information from clients


You don’t need to chase clients for information, this is time consuming and difficult.

Use Content Snare smart app and let a software do all the hard work in your place, making sure that you gather all the content you need. 

Accountants, marketing agencies, web designers, developers, lawyers, and many others save an average of 71% of their time collecting information with Content Snare.

Join them.

41. Acowebs


Allowing users to quickly view products without having to visit the detail page is a great way to make your customers more engaged. Not only will they see your products faster, but they are more likely to purchase them as well.

WooCommerce Quick View Plugin is one of the tools that helps you to engage customers even before they buy. It ensures that you are providing an easy-to-use platform for your users and also creates a seamless experience for them by eliminating unnecessary screens and redirects. The WooCommerce Quick View plugin is built by Acowebs, which is one of the leading WooCommerce plugin development companies with more than 50,000 loyal customers around the globe.

42. Bet 95% off on Admin Dashboards Templates

QiGY9K3dw4puz6g0nkNvd2MrS00v2 2XcFyKUZjkFENb5Ga4EDGxoW9lN7Ss2dqLC4KIqNJQNLITsrfFdIulHn5bpwrTkqddFv8pJSD1F3NiQMEH 5lIf0KdFvvh9mEt0ivg40?w=650

On WrapPixel website, you will find both free and premium admin dashboard templates that look stunning and which are very simple to customize.

Take a look.

43. RocketHub

F65Iy3iLbrmsV9z3yM5plqwuXFdGVE0n1wwpp7e3YwH6yORelpk060AODGNKSoe0RRPDVbWdVuffPIK6AkQQEaKtA8DIdK5RYEn o9daulqufSthcKpZIdkeSIUwz 9WngPQyPo?w=650

The idea of building a source of lifetime deals and discounts for SaaS seemed impossible when they started RocketHub.

As you might already know, there are many alternative resources for LTD.

In RocketHub, things are different.

They are a source of amazing lifetime deals and content for entrepreneurs created by entrepreneurs who have launched several successful startups!

Become a Rocketeer today to receive exclusive discounts and amazing lifetime deals that aren’t available anywhere else OR join their partner program and launch your SaaS with them!

44. 99Robots

n9ocQftchPFlFeLHbJ9oFcg 6vB0ssMnmbPE5YK3TAAFiW HbBakWikSjO7L396UumrT0DdYRm844F9t6UNuoAe7EkL5b1LzMjwzW EjhPc6C dvFKyDDgF8T7yG 1ONby9 TQ?w=650

As a full-service SEO agency, at 99 Robots they are about building the customer journey from the search engine result to the conversion. Knowing what keywords are important to your business’ organic growth is the backbone of SEO.

45. Ampfluence

raQ7Hq2khksyTGvEoCT2uxREhQakcL6NFGMddUqcxwwAcRUP1ydO uO

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms that allow users to share their images and videos. 

If you want to take your account up a notch, check out their Instagram growth services! 

Team Amplfuence will manage your Instagram page for you so that you can focus on growing it organically, without having to spend time managing it yourself. 

46. Directory of Top Design Companies


unRFP is a global directory of top design companies from around the world neatly categorized to help you easily find reputed and trustable agencies, even for niche areas. Most of the agencies list their hourly rates and minimum project threshold which helps in selecting the agency suited to your budget

47. Free IP Reputation Check API

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A number of times you can prevent fraud from happening if you are able to gather sufficient data about the website visitor. Antideo’s IP reputation check API allows you to validate if the website visitor is a known spammer or scammer, along with other information like location, ASN, etc.

48. Jacqueline | Spa & Massage Salon Beauty WordPress Theme + Elementor

kL1WdkLkjrUzBmbEI3Elw2Gaaxtk6msu08n9eK 8qWTXVSYsTBr3vJgV7F

Jacqueline WordPress theme is the ultimate choice for building multi-functional websites for beauty and spa projects. It’s made with the Elementor page builder, which adds an intuitive interface and flexible customization options to your site. The theme is perfectly suited for building competitive web pages for your brand or a fully-featured online store using the full WooCommerce support. It includes the appointments management functionality that lets you facilitate the appointment scheduling routine. 

49. Kicker – Multipurpose Blog Magazine WordPress Theme + Gutenberg

htG9jhz9EGQYga2VMAlyfaTwI1fn56qwFUigtQPDNP bLTADB7OkzaS2cSO4DOyOZScyHD3UkS9f 

Is that a blog or an online magazine that you’d liken to bring on the web? Kicker WordPress theme is a perfect choice for content-rich and media-related websites. It’s a responsive and speed-optimized WordPress theme that lets your site reach higher positions in Google search results. The theme is based on the Elementor page builder and includes a large collection of ready-made demos, pages, and layout styles that you can modify according to your preferences and needs. The Kicker theme is also loaded with 1000+ unique blog layouts and lots of handy elements that you can use for adding a versatile look and feel to your site. 

50. Qwery – Multi-Purpose Business WordPress Theme + RTL

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Qwery WordPress theme features an impressive bundle of ready-made designs and customization options that let you create a usable and multi-functional website quickly and worry-free. It’s a fully responsive, SEO-friendly, and GDPR-ready theme. The multipurpose design of the theme is enhanced with 60+ ready-made demo skins, which you can import to your site with a click. There are also plenty of ready-made inner pages suited for different purposes and a collection of portfolio layouts that you can adjust in the drag-and-drop interface of the Elementor page builder. 

51. Creative Tim


This Black Friday, Creative Tim comes with 8 special Stacks for web developers and designers. Their best offer, The Ultimate Stack, contains 102 Premium Products for both front-end and back-end development. The Tech Support is included.

  • Deal: up to 90% OFF

  • Starts: 22 November 2021

52. Fotor Graphic Designer 

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Fotor is the free graphic design tool that people from all parts of the world use to:

– Design templates

Create posters

– Craft Instagram ads

– Build engaging content for social media channels

Give it a try.

53. Xfive

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Xfive is a professional web development agency with over 15 years of experience in the industry, being highly popular for their work.

Get a free quote.

54. Mega Creator

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Mega Creator is a DIY graphic editor that lets even non-designers produce professional-looking visual content from pre-made elements. It embraces all the Icons8 assets in one place:

  • Background-free photos

  • Illustrations

  • Backgrounds (photos and illustrations)

  • Icons

  • Hundreds of templates for popular social media platforms

Working in Mega Creator is like playing “lego” with images: just drop them onto the canvas and arrange into a scene.


When you feel that you need the help of professional web development agencies like Goodie, don’t be afraid to ask a free quote. You will be amazed to see how affordable are the rates.

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