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A virtual, pooled, and centralized servers are called Cloud Based Servers and are used to refer to multiple servers connected to the Internet, running in a cloud computing environment. It is built, hosted, and delivered via a network and accessed on demand by multiple users. Cloud servers have software to run as an independent unit. The services of cloud-based servers comprise web hosting, sharing, software or application use, and data hosting.

Cloud servers aim to provide similar functions to older manual servers used in area-limited data centers. It is made possible by virtualization and is linked together to share the load. Meaning, instead of using one mega-powerful machine, it takes the assistance of several smaller computers. The clouds are virtual servers hence, are commonly called virtual- server, platform or private server.

Types of Cloud Based Servers:

An enterprise, large or small, has several options of clouds to choose from, but primarily, there are four types of most popular clouds that are in use.

  • Public Cloud Servers
  • Private Cloud Servers
  • Hybrid Cloud Servers
  • Dedicated Cloud Servers

Why Cloud Based Servers:

Cloud Servers have revolutionized IT companies. Many companies dropped the older technologies and adopted cloud-based servers, a game-changing innovation.

These servers are an essential part of cloud technology. We use cloud servers to fuel every sort of cloud delivery computing model. It provides from the infrastructure as a service to the platform as a service. Another advantage of a cloud-based server is cloud storage making the cloud very tolerant of faults because of the dispersion of data.

Though a cloud server has proved to be useful for large and small-scale companies, it is especially beneficial for small-scale industries. But the major question here is, How to Choose the Best Cloud Based Server for Small Business. It is not easy to use the best server that suits your company well, but a cloud server makes it easier. Cloud servers are available in a rather wide range of compute options, with different processor and memory resources.

First of all, it depends on the kind of software the organization needs for its specific work requirement. And cloud provides a wide range of servers to choose from.

Small scale businesses would rather go with cloud technology as it is affordable. Following the pay-as-you-go model makes it easier for startup companies to use this server. They are easy to use, and an administrator can manage the server without any difficulty. Also, the public service can help distribute the workload as admins can access work globally.

It provides cloud storage. Hence, a large amount of data is safe with it at a much-reduced cost. Also, a cloud server can be additional workload memory, disk space, or CPU, easily and instantly, I.e., making it easier to choose the server.

The starting amount of a cloud server is $5 per month. And businesses are growing rapidly and opting for cloud hosting as it helps remove the hassles of local server maintenance, security concerns, and related costs.


Cloud based servers enable an organization to choose from a wide variety of servers to meet its needs. It is customizable for unique work requirements. For instance, operating tasks that require more processors for optimizing heavier workload and more memory. Using the cloud is easier and efficient as it avoids creating different versions of files due to shared access to files, data, documents, and images. It also provides for better storage at less cost.

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