Absolute Hosting launches VPS reseller programme – ITWeb

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Absolute Hosting has launched its highly anticipated WHMCS VPS reseller programme, which allows for resellers to resell Linux-based VPS servers and Windows VPS servers.

WHMCS is the leading automation software within the web hosting and domain registrar industry and facilitates most of South Africa’s resellers. 

Absolute Hosting’s new WHMCS reseller programme provides resellers with a free WHMCS module that enables the automation of VPS sales and VPS management throughout the products’ life cycle.

Included within the module’s standard features are instant VPS deployment, resource usage tracking, product upgrades, cancellations and terminations.

Absolute Hosting’s AMD EPYC Powered Linux VPS servers have proven to provide small businesses and developers with cutting-edge high-performance virtual computing, and the addition of Windows VPS servers has complemented the company’s product offering.

Absolute Hosting is currently working closely with SuperMicro and First Distribution to bring to market the latest AMD product offering and will soon deploy a full range of AMD EPYC-powered virtual solutions.

Absolute Hosting is currently offering resellers a free VPS server to the value of R2 893 when they sign up as a new reseller and transfer 100 or more domains to Absolute Hosting.

Find out more about the WHMCS reseller programme by visiting Absolute Hosting’s website, live chat or contact our sales team.