Absolute Hosting launches Windows VPS Hosting – ITWeb

After a successful launch of its AMD EPYC Powered Linux VPS Servers, Absolute Hosting has launched cost-effective Windows VPS Servers starting from R269 per month. 

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Windows VPS Servers provide you with the flexibility to host your application or code on a virtual server and manage your server as if it were physical but without the cost associated with hosting a dedicated server.

The benefits of hosting on an Absolute Hosting Windows VPS Server include instant deployment of your own KVM-based VPS Server and a selection of Windows Server 2019, Windows Server 2016 and Windows Server 2012 R2, static IP addresses, managed firewall, free backups and more.

The Absolute Hosting client service area provides a centralised management portal which facilitates the ordering of new VPS Servers and management of your existing Windows VPS Servers.

From within the client service area perform simple admin features such as start, stopping and rebooting your server. A noVNC HTML 5 powered remote console provides you with easy access to your Windows VPS Server as if you were connected to it via a traditional KVM or mouse and keyboard.

Absolute Hosting provides a managed firewall which can be accessed via the client service area and includes predefined rules to assist you with getting up and running as quickly as possible.

Create and manage your own inbound and outbound firewall rules to complement the security of your Window VPS Server.

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Track resource usage of your Windows VPS from within the client service including CPU, Memory, DISK IO and bandwidth utilisation.

All graphs and data are tracked in real-time and provide valuable insight into the performance of your Windows VPS.

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Contact Absolute Hosting to discuss your Windows VPS hosting requirements or order online today.