Afghan commando and family flee to US with help from Green Beret buddy | USA TODAY

As Afghanistan fell to the Taliban, commando Azizullah Azizyar turned to the Green Berets he served with to help him and his family escape. Specifically Mike Coburn.
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“This is the place where we’re going to live. This is the place where we belong,” Azizullah told his wife Roqia and their children before their plane landed that day in Harrisburg, Pa.

When he emerged from the gangway into the airport, the ex-Afghan special commando officer tried to use his limited English to ask for directions.

Then he heard his name. “Azizullah!” Coburn waved his arms to get his Afghan friend’s attention before getting close enough for a big bear hug.

Neither man ever imagined they would be reunited in south central Pennsylvania – or that their lives would become so inextricably linked after the chaotic U.S. exit from Afghanistan and the Taliban’s terrifying return to power.

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