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Get your own Virtual Private Server in Anonymity

The VPS provider that accepts Bitcoin & Monero

Kevin Gabeci

If you want to have your own Virtual Private Server or VPS as it’s referred to by many and you want to be completely anonymous then you can do that by paying with Crypto. Most of the industry giants don’t offer that option and thus they need credit cards, or bank accounts making you reveal personal information.


That’s where AnyCOLO comes into play, they are a hosting company that offers you some great plans (Which I will talk about more below), and you can pay them in Bitcoin or in Monero. This is what makes them unique and a great choice for anyone that values their privacy and personal information.


However, a common misconception is that if you pay with crypto and you are totally anonymous you will get away with doing illegal things. That’s not the case. Your account will get immediately terminated if you use it for, phishing, malware, illegal pornography, ransomware, mining, or using the CPU, Bandwidth, and Disk I/O to 100% all the time.

Keep in mind that the standard copyright laws also apply here and you risk your entire account getting shut down if you breach any of them. The fact that their uniqueness makes you anonymous doesn’t protect you from anything else rather than giving your personal details to a data-mining company.

A Virtual Private Server (VPS) is virtualization software used for creating a dedicated server environment on either Windows or Linux operating systems. It’s also called a “virtual machine.”

The VPS service provides you with a virtualized version of your own server that can be accessed from anywhere in the world, and it allows you to run multiple instances of different operating systems simultaneously. You can use the same physical hardware as many other people, thereby saving money over renting a whole new computer every time you need more resources.

The VPS service works by using hypervisors such as Xen, KVM, VMware ESX/ESXi, Hyper-V, Microsoft Virtual PC, XENServer, etc. These are all types of virtualization technology.

A shared web hosting account gives you access to one web server which hosts several websites. This means that each website has its own IP address and domain name. The downside of this arrangement is that if one site experiences problems, then they could affect all sites hosted on the same server. In contrast, a VPS service gives you access to private and personal disk space on a server, so any problems will only impact the specific server and not yours.


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If you’re looking for a reliable, secure way to host your website, then a VPS may be just what you need. With a VPS, you get full root access to your server, allowing you to install whatever applications you like. If you want to add extra storage space, then there are plenty of options available too. AnyCOLO gives you multiple different plans and you can choose the one that makes more sense to you and that fills your needs better.

It’s important to know what kind of services you require before choosing a solution. For example, if you want to host an eCommerce store, then a dedicated server would work better than a VPS because you’ll have full control over the hardware. However, if you’re planning to host a blog or forum, then a VPS would be ideal.


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It’s up to you to decide whether you need a dedicated server or a VPS. Either option can provide excellent results, but it depends on how much power you need.

Cloud computing refers to a model where users pay for usage rather than ownership. There are two main types of cloud computing: Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), and Platform as a Service (PaaS).

Cloud computing differs from traditional hosting in that you don’t own the equipment that runs your website. Instead, you rent the servers needed to operate your website through a third-party provider.


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With IaaS, you get direct access to the server’s hard drive and CPU, allowing you to install any software you like. It also means that you won’t have to worry about maintenance costs.

With PaaS, you get access to preinstalled software that helps manage your website. Some examples include WordPress, Joomla!, Drupal, Magento, etc.

Both IaaS and PaaS are great solutions when you’re starting out, but once you’ve got some experience under your belt, you might prefer to go with a dedicated server instead.

Using a VPS allows you to create a separate environment within your existing infrastructure. You can install anything you like onto your virtual machine without affecting other parts of your network.

This means that you can test new ideas without worrying about breaking things elsewhere. You can even run multiple versions of your website at the same time.

You can also take advantage of additional features such as load balancing and failover protection. These allow you to spread traffic across multiple servers and prevent downtime by switching to another server if one goes down.

You can also benefit from increased security. Because your data is stored separately, hackers will find it harder to break into your system.

Depending on what you are going to use your VPS and the needs you may have there are several plans to help accommodate your needs. The first three plans are meant for personal use and they offer limited resources as you can see from the picture below. But if you want a bit more there are three more tiers that will give you more power.

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Click here to get started with AnyCOLO.

If you are more serious about this venture then you can check out the two latest plans that offer the best that their server can do. Of course, that comes at an increased price but it will help you out tremendously with the improved performance. Whatever your needs they have you covered so I suggest you take a look at their website by clicking here.

If you’re ever in the need of a Virtual Private Server and you want to pay with cryptos such as Bitcoin and Monero then you can visit AnyCOLO. I’ve personally haven’t used their service, so keep that in mind and do your own research when deciding to buy, but they got my attention and that’s why I decided to make a post about it.

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