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This course teaches you about PHP, MySQL, GitHub, Heroku, Blazor, .NET, and more.

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Web design and development has been one of the most in-demand coding jobs. The Bureau of labor statistics anticipates that web developer jobs will grow by approx 15% over the next decade. Knowing how to code is becoming an important part of the skill set of jobs across sectors, including marketing professionals, IT staff, product developers, and more.

Apart from core skills in a programming language, you must get acquainted with a variety of tools like Github, Heroku, and Blazor to make the most out of skills. We have a deal on modern web development and MySQL bundle so you can acquire these skills without wandering for the material.

What’s in the Bundle

The five-course bundle covers fundamental skills with tools like Github and programming languages like C# and SQL. After working through the courses, you’ll be able to build websites, create functional user interfaces, and operate a database. Let’s explore the deal in detail:

the modern web development and MySQL programming bundle course

  1. Modern PHP Web Development with MySQL, Github, and Heroku: A fundamental course on PHP and MySQL for creating rich websites. You’ll learn how to build a PHP app, styled using Bootstrap 4, track and manage changes with Github, and deploy a data-driven application to Heroku Cloud Hosting.
  2. Modern Web Development with Blazor and .Net Core 5: Blazor gives .NET developers the chance to leverage C# skills and build interactive UI’s. Learn how to build the Blazor app how to work with its API, how data binding works, and integrate javascript components.
  3. Microsoft SQL Server Development for Everyone: A fundamental course on SQL Server for database development using SQL Server Express 2017 (free edition). You’ll be building a school management system database.
  4. C# Console and Windows Forms Development with LINQ and ADO.NET: Learn C# programming language for building desktop, web, and mobile apps through Visual Studio application development kit. You’ll learn how to build a Windows Forms app connected to a Microsoft SQL Server database.
  5. Ultimate ASP.NET5 Web API Development Guide: Learn how to create a maintainable Web API using ASP.NET Core 5, Entity framework, and enterprise-level design patterns.

Should You Buy This Bundle

Web development and building apps is a skill-based job. Many people register in code boot camps with 8–12 week courses. If you can’t afford to take admission, practicing it through these courses with Github projects can help you learn with the community.

So get yourself enrolled in the modern web development and MySQL programming bundle and start learning. The deal is available for $20.



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