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Small Businesses

The main goal of a business is to make profits, and that is done by managing the debits and credits systematically and precisely. That’s where accounting QuickBooks comes in. Major business processes related to accounting and tax preparation have been made easier for businesses with the help of tools and integrations built-in QuickBooks. But there are some limitations in the desktop version of QuickBooks.

QuickBooks Pro Cloud Hosting helps a user make the most out of the desktop version by adding security, ease of access, and 0 downtimes, making bookkeeping and accounting efficient. Let’s look at the benefits of QuickBooks hosting for small businesses.

1: Simplified Accounting

With a simple and user-friendly interface, QuickBooks is easy to learn and use for a new user. Several tasks related to bookkeeping and accounting are simplified, with a collapsible menu to hide the technical details which makes it easy to understand for those who lack the technical knowledge.

2: Data Security

Cloud Desktop Providers maintain the remote server on which QuickBooks would be hosted in a highly secure data center environment located in different parts of the world that would have round-the-clock security and power backup. The user need not worry about data loss as the data would be backed up daily and saved in multiple servers around the world.

3: Anytime, Anywhere Remote Access

Users will have remote access to QuickBooks irrespective of where the users are currently located, and regardless of the device being used. They can access QuickBooks from just a browser, be it on a tablet, laptop or smartphone. Based on the authorization level, users can collaborate on the same data and update the data accordingly.

4: Compatible with Other Applications

QuickBooks hosting is compatible with several third-party applications such as Microsoft Office, Microsoft Excel, etc. It is known for the seamless third-party integrations and cross-platform compatibility making it easy to work with and export/import data to or from other software such as Excel.

5: Enforces Privacy

The administrator has a free hand to decide on who to grant access to the particular data. All users are granted their level of authorization. With a robust security system, it is made sure that no user can access files or projects out of their authorization level. With a virtual timeline, the business can easily monitor what work the user has done and how much time has been taken to complete the task.

6: Promotes Lean IT Infrastructure and Cuts Costs 

A business owner would always look for ways to cut the business and infrastructure costs without affecting the business performance. QuickBooks Cloud streamlines the business’s IT infrastructure, as they won’t need to invest in building servers’ memory or storage. With a monthly subscription fee, businesses can easily Host QuickBooks avoiding all the extra costs.

7: Paperless Environment

With a centralized database to handle all the documentation, businesses get rid of all the unnecessary paperwork and create a paperless environment. This way, they would be doing their bit to help improve the environment.

As you can see, there are several benefits of using QuickBooks hosting for your business. Apps4Rent provides good services for products like QuickBooks with round-the-clock support and maintenance. Not just QuickBooks, they also provide other products such as Microsoft GCC High with reliable end-user support.