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If you’ve ever thought about keeping your web host’s IP and domain information away from prying eyes, you were not the only one to have had those thoughts. With the number of ways one can find out who is hosting a website – WHOIS (domain registration record), payment methods used, IP addresses, plugins and, the most common of all, email addresses- how do you keep your data anonymous?

Anonymous hosting allows you to register under a pseudonym and doesn’t require you to provide a postal address when you register your domain. As payment methods often require registration where names and addresses need to match, anonymous hosting offers prepaid options so that none are linked. Prepaid options let you pay anonymously, keeping your data secure. 

Whatever your reason is for needing anonymous hosting, doing dark web related suspicious projects or simply wanting to hide what you’re doing from your friends who tend to pry a lot – it’s absolutely attainable. Although we’ll also take the liberty to tell you that criminal activities, even when done through the dark web, are not, and will not be condoned by web hosting providers. 

How different is Anonymous Hosting from Private Hosting?

Private hosting is where your web hosting provider essentially hides your identity by not publishing it in any type of list, except with their trade partners. But just as the Domain Name System (DNS) requires you to provide your name, address, email address and phone number once you register your domain name, you are likely still as susceptible to getting your data unprotected. 

You can opt for a paid service called private hosting in this case, which hides your details within DNS listings. It’s a simple solution in keeping your details away from prying eyes, but in other cases where this privacy setting is not enough, anonymous hosting steps in.

When you want absolute anonymity, hosting providers can only provide you as much privacy as they can, even when you pay a little extra for special privacy perks. Paying for these services will require credit cards or PayPal which can easily include your private details – full name and home and billing addresses. Even if you give them a pretend name, the hosting company will still be able to see your information on your payment information. 

Anonymous hosting will allow you to create accounts using pseudonyms and not have to reveal personal information by using bitcoin or another cryptocurrency, otherwise known as decentralized currency, which doesn’t expose your personal information. 

What are the best anonymous hosting providers?

Taking into consideration if the hosting provider accepts decentralized currency for payment and the non-requirement of personal information disclosure upon sign up along with the features you would usually look for in any hosting provider such as uptime, speed, bandwidth and disk space, we have listed below our top anonymous hosting providers today:


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1. Hostinger

Guaranteed performance and speed

Reasons to buy

+99.9% Uptime guarantee+Cheap anonymous hosting+Super fast hosting

Reasons to avoid

Lacks daily back upsNo phone support

Aside from offering ideal web hosting solutions for beginners, personal websites, small businesses and revenue-generating businesses alike with their comprehensive plans and pricing, Hostinger is also well-known for accepting payments in cryptocurrencies and does not require full disclosure of personal data. 

Hostinger also has a proven success in site performance and speed, operating from its six data centers in four continents to ensure worldwide speed. That means wherever in the world you have set your target audience to be, your site is guaranteed to be powerful and not disappoint. That’s on top of their 99.9% uptime guarantee just because Hostinger takes this matter very seriously. As a result, you’ll get a super fast and powerful website with low latency and an uptime guarantee.

Hostinger’s data centers are located in the USA, EU, Brazil, Netherlands, Singapore & Indonesia. They operate with their own cache manager which allows faster loading time just so you can make sure your viewer stays on your site while browsing instead of getting up and leaving because the site is either down or reacting too slowly. This improves the interface a lot, not to mention the experience. Hostinger also ensures that your WordPress site is just as fast as it is WordPress optimized and offers a cPanel which is easy to use and navigate.

Accu Web Hosting

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2. Accu Web Hosting

The most secure anonymous hosting provider

Reasons to buy

+Reliable+Excellent speed+Great uptime (99.99%)

Reasons to avoid

Mandatory reviews for free plansMonth-by-month shared hosting plans

Accu Web Hosting is your best bet at anonymous hosting if you’re wanting to run a WordPress site. It’s a fully managed WordPress hosting provider that can provide a reliable service with excellent speed and great uptime. Their starter plan also includes 60GB worth of bandwidth and free domain registration as well as site migration, among others. 

Their multi-layer DDoS protection and mitigation, Git, WP-CLI and SSH access all contribute to Accu Web Hosting’s promise of secure hosting. When you sign up with Accu Web Hosting, they may ask you for your social media profile and a government ID but will guarantee that your private information will not be shared on any platform. 

Bitcoin is an accepted (and even standard) form of payment, eliminating the need to divulge personal details and getting it passed on to a third party entity. They will set up IIS Server, ASP.NET frameworks, and Microsoft SQL server databases. Apart from their 24/7 telephone support, Accu Web Hosting offers the most convenience in terms of anonymous hosting, security and customer satisfaction. 

Accu Web Hosting has multiple datacenters to allow users to reach out to potential customers better. They have datacenters in the US, the UK, France, Canada, Germany, Poland, Australia, Singapore, India, and the Netherlands, each offering on-site security, operations teams working to provide round the clock protection. They also have an add-on service that can increase your site’s speed through caching. 


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3. HostGator

Hosting giant with tons of features

Reasons to buy

+Tons of storage+Super fast hosting+Unmetered bandwidth+Affordable anonymous hosting

Reasons to avoid

Hidden fees and tricky pricesUptime needs improvement

HostGator has quite the reputation in offering super fast hosting speed, tons of storage, and an unmetered bandwidth, all geared towards helping their customers in reaching their site’s maximum potential. Since 2012, HostGator has been offering shared hosting, WordPress hosting, a Virtual Private Server (VPS), domain names, cloud hosting, dedicated servers and even an entirely owned website builder. 

Some of the most notable features of their plans are weekly backups which are essential to keep your files and data safe, 24-hour support to help you every step of the way, low renewal costs for when you’re done trying out their awesome services and would like to move forward to longer commitments, and unlimited bandwidth and database, both to help your site’s speed. 

HostGator also supports Perl, Python and Ruby On Rails and uses SSD for hosting storage. Apart from all the awesome hosting benefits, HostGator also offers an affordable anonymous web hosting option called domain privacy. Domain privacy is where your information which the Registrar is obligated to share online is kept hidden. 

From HostGator’s WordPress hosting dedicated to speed and security and privacy, to VPS hosting with dedicated control and scalable resources, and even dedicated hosting for full control and management not to mention ultimate performance, HostGator offers just the right plan. HostGator promises to provide the best hosting solutions for personal websites and business websites alike, and to help you achieve your website goals no matter what. Quite frankly, HostGator does deliver.

Anonymous Speech

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4. Anonymous Speech

Anonymity is their specialty

Reasons to buy

+Accepts BItcoins+Anonymity Guarantee+Constantly moving servers

Anonymous Speech guarantees your site and domain privacy like no other. It’s best to describe their approach as setting up their servers outside of the UK and the United States, and having them constantly in motion from country to country – Malaysia, Japan, Panama, etc., thereby making any legal dispute practically impossible. That’s Anonymous hosting at its best.

Aside from their anonymous domain and hosting, Anonymous hosting is also known for their anonymous emails, anonymous surfing, and a lot more. Unlike most email sending platforms such as Hotmail and Sharpmail, Anonymous Speech makes your IP anonymous, applies SSL encryption, legal protection insurance, anonymity guarantee, username and password encryption, PGP email security and so much more. 

Anonymous Speech protects your identity like it’s the only thing they do, so much so that if any entity is requesting for your information, they will withhold it and ignore the request altogether. Other features they offer are Latest SSL SHA2 encryption, 

They’ve also reportedly recently had a server hardware upgrade to keep up with the increasing demands of today’s clients. Anonymous Speech has been operating since 1996, with over 20,000 anonymous emails now sent on a daily basis. Despite the reputation for being among the top hosting providers to offer anonymity, Anonymous Speech enforces policies in content and conduct and does not tolerate using their services for any illegal activity. 


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5. Hostwinds

Scalable private web hosting

Reasons to buy

+High uptime+Affordable plan pricing+Awesome support

Reasons to avoid

Limited dedicated server plansConditions apply on refunds

Hostwinds guarantees satisfaction by constantly delivering award-winning service, starting with their affordable plans. Apart from their numerous scalability options to optimize your site’s performance and maximize its potential, Hostwinds also offers an affordable $5-per-year domain privacy add-on. 

All plans offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee to ensure your site does not let your viewers down or steer away from your site as they’re browsing your products or reading your blogs. Their reliable service also includes a 60-day guarantee, twice as good as most companies are offering. Their affordable plans also make it easy for you to make a decision and invest in success. 

Other features include unlimited bandwidth, cPanel/WHM Control Panel, unlimited subdomains, unlimited email accounts, site-building tools, a free IP address, CloudFlare CDN, unlimited FTP accounts, spam filtering, free migration, e-commerce features, and so much more. Their affordable plans start at $4.95 per month, and they offer phone and live chat support to ensure you’re assisted anytime you need assistance.

Hostwinds promises a positive experience, starting with their easy, affordable plans and their leverage over added security, stability and satisfaction-guaranteed performance. They focus more on customer service and that makes them an even better choice at getting the best possible services for your business. 


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6. Hosting24

Not as big as the giants, but just as trusted and competitive

Reasons to buy

+99.9% Uptime+Free PHP & MYSQL Hosting+Accepts cryptocurrency payments

Reasons to avoid

Limited backupsLacks phone support

Hosting24 allows payments in cryptocurrency aside from the traditional credit card and PayPal payments, of course. This means that you have the option to not reveal any part of your identity – your full name, home address, billing address, or email address. Aside from the privacy advantage, Hosting24 also has an affordable anonymous hosting plan. 

Performance-wise, Hosting24 also does not fall behind. With no downtime dilemmas, they also have affordable plans and reliable services that will give you the peace of mind you need to know that your website will do well in terms of online presence. Hosting24 has also proven that even smaller companies can make a dent in the world by simply gaining customers’ trust. 

Hosting24’s plans include Single Web Hosting that starts at over $2 per month, Premium Web Hosting at $3.50 per month, and Business Web Hosting at the higher tier for $7.95 per month. The Premium and Business plans both include unlimited websites and SSD disk space as well as unlimited bandwidth, MySQL databases, FTP Users and email accounts. The highest tier also provides extra features such as daily backups, deluxe live support to keep your site as problem-free as possible, 2X processing power and memory and 4X WordPress Optimized Speed.

Dreamhost business hosting

(Image credit: Dreamhost)

7. DreamHost

Best WordPress hosting provider with affordable anonymous hosting packages

Reasons to buy

+Awesome performance+Unlimited storage & bandwidth+97-day money back guarantee+100% Uptime guarantee

Reasons to avoid

Live chat is only from 5:30AM to 9:30PM Pacific TimeNo servers outside the United States

DreamHost is one of the finest options for hosting a WordPress site while concealing personal information. They offer two anonymous shared hosting plans starting at $2.59 per month, which includes free domain protection, unlimited bandwidth, a huge amount of disk space (we’re talking 50GB) and a free domain. 

With a 100% uptime guarantee, DreamHost shows promising response time and stability. It’s worth noting that their servers are located only within the United States, but that does not mean they fall behind in performance. Their stellar performance can be backed up by 1.5 million websites they’re currently powering. Their automated migration plugin also makes it super easy to transfer any site, and DreamHost has become the best WordPress hosting choice today.

DreamHost offers shared website hosting (their most popular service), VPS Hosting, Managed WordPress Hosting, Dedicated Server Hosting, and Cloud Hosting. They also make sure you have a guaranteed fast website to help you reach maximum potential, and offer a custom control panel that is simple to use and might just be the most user-friendly control panel you’ll ever have to use. DreamHost is everyone’s best bet in getting a feature-rich eCommerce website, giving you the confidence that your site is in good hands.

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Fully anonymous hosting experts

Reasons to buy

+Full privacy and protection+Private servers in offshore locations+99.99% Uptime guaranteed only accepts cryptocurrency payments and has anonymous browsing, anonymous VPS, anonymous server and anonymous domain to their list of anonymous offerings. They provide total privacy not only with their offshore private servers but also because they will not give out any information about your activities to any third party entity, keeping your data secure and private. 

Their hosting plans start at $4.95 per month and include full anonymity and privacy on top of the 50GB bandwidth, 10GB SSD disk space, 5 subdomains, fast CPU speed, 10 MySQL databases, and a lot more. Of course, the next two tiers will give you more advanced features inasmuch as they cost a little bit more. Starting at $14.99 and $99.99 per month, the Anonymous VPS and the Anonymous Server plans will include all of the features of the lower tier plan but with a tad more. We’re talking about unmetered traffic, full root access, Xeon E5-2650 v2 Processor and E3-1220V3 (4 Core) Processor, more disk space, and a lot more. 

As soon as your order is completed, instantaneously sets up your shared hosting and VPS plans, giving you instant full root access, round the clock monitoring with an integrated ticket system that is available 24/7, all using the latest technology to ensure your website’s hosting needs are met, and that your website reaches its full potential. 

A final word

The web can be a great way to obtain information you’d rather keep private. It can provide a platform in which your private data can land in the hands of attackers and cybercriminals and use it in otherwise legal activities. Sometimes, we need to take extra measures to keep our identity safe, even if it costs us a little more than we could have thought. Anonymous hosting lets us keep our peace of mind knowing our identities are safely tucked away and won’t be landing in the wrong hands.