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Best EU Web Hosting

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If you’re ready to conquer the world with your excellent business idea, you’ll need to be able to reach out to the millions of potential customers from all over the world. For you to be able to do that, you’ll need a website to start. 

Building a website can take up a lot of your time and can easily get you caught up that you may overlook a single crucial aspect of having a website – where to host it.

The increase in sales over the past decade that has been attributed to eCommerce has remained stable, proving that businesses with websites do better in terms of sales and traffic these days. But we have yet to say having a website will do all the work for your business. As much as we can truly say that these days online presence determines the success of a business venture, getting your site built is only the beginning. 

There are a few more details that need to be looked into: there’s choosing the perfect domain name that attracts potential customers, determining the location/s of your target audience, and, of course, making your visitor’s experience on your site memorable and not frustrating with fast loading pages and easy navigation. Your web hosting provider of choice can make or bring the frustration to your viewers, and can well determine how your website will fare in the market. 

So what are the things to consider in choosing the perfect hosting provider? Well, below we listed the best European web hosting providers in 2021. In the process of choosing, we took into consideration a few factors: speed, server locations, uptime, response time, disk space, cost, user interface and support. 

Without further ado, here are our top picks for the best hosting providers in Europe:


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1. Hostinger

Guaranteed performance and speed

Reasons to buy

+99.9% Uptime guarantee+Custom dashboard+Super fast hosting

Reasons to avoid

Lacks daily back upsNo phone support

Whether you’re a website newbie or a seasoned entrepreneur with a revenue-generating site, Hostinger provides you with ideal web hosting solutions, starting with its plans that adapt to your needs. Hostinger also has a proven success in site performance and speed, dominating the scene almost effortlessly.

Hostinger has multiple datacenters in four continents to guarantee worldwide speed, making your website simply fast and powerful wherever in the world your target audience may be. Hostinger also offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee, which has been one of the benchmarks to their success over the years. Their reliable servers, low latency and super fast website speed are only some of this web host’s irresistible features. 

Hostinger has data centers located in the USA, in EU, Brazil, Netherlands, Singapore and Indonesia. You can bet on your customers not veering away from your site when your website loads too slow because Hostinger does not let that happen with their own cache manager. For WordPress sites, Hostinger offers an optimized hosting plan to boost its performance. Another feature that improves your site’s speed is Git Support, an open source control system that lets developers work not just as a team, but as a fast one at that.


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2. Bluehost

Proven track record in uptime and speed

Reasons to buy

+Proven uptime record+Shared hosting plans come with huge storage+Unlimited bandwidth+24/7 Support

Reasons to avoid

Backup isn’t greatMigration isn’t free

Bluehost has uptime credibility that is backed up by the two million plus websites they’re currently powering. Never mind that Bluehost has a free website builder, their unmetered (except for the basic plan) website spaces, unmetered bandwidth (applicable to all plans) and unlimited parked domains (except for the basic plan) all add icing to the cake. 

Offering shared hosting, dedicated hosting, VPS hosting, and cloud hosting, Bluehost has a hosting plan perfect for your budget without compromising your site’s performance. Of course, premium tier plans will and should offer more features. Bluehost has a reported 99.99% uptime, which means a very slim margin of error in terms of affecting your visitor’s experience while browsing your site. It is important to note that Bluehost does not, however, offer any guarantee with their uptime promise, but their reputation for keeping this should be enough guarantee.

With Bluehost handling their servers themselves, you can only expect to be taken care of as soon as you sign up for a plan. Bluehost will ensure your website loads fast, does not experience a downtime 99.99% of the time,  files are backed up at night, protected from SPAM and that your servers are monitored round the clock. Their technical support team can lend a hand anytime of the day, 7 days a week. All in all, Bluehost holds the top spot for all the reasons mentioned above and more. 


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3. SiteGround

UK’s fastest hosting provider

Reasons to buy

+Consistent speed+Proven uptime+Datacenters in four continents

Reasons to avoid

Steep renewal priceLimited storage

SiteGround has a commitment to speed, uptime and support that makes them one of the leading hosting providers in the EU. Their servers are built on Google Cloud, accounting for its super fast and secure network (using Let’s Encrypt SSL). They’re also among the most recommended hosting for WordPress sites, with their optimized WordPress hosting that includes features to scale your business or blog.

SiteGround lets you manage both your domain and your site at the same time and easily manage your site from the most known Content Management Systems (CMS) such as Joomla and WordPress. That’s convenience paired with innovation, on top of their great 24/7 customer support and recorded super fast speeds. 

Higher plan tiers offer even more perks, including a wider range of server resources to make use of in your site: Git integration, a staging tool that lets you test your site before launching and going live; and dynamic WordPress caching to optimize your WordPress experience, increasing your site or blog’s chances at being successful.

SiteGround hosts sites from their servers in three continents, with data center locations in Chicago, London, Amsterdam, and Singapore, which makes targeting your audience a lot easier. It’s also worth mentioning that SiteGround’s extremely fast servers come with the latest hardware and software to ensure the speed your site is getting is consistent. 


(Image credit: Cloudways)

4. Cloudways

Affordable and unique cloud-based hosting solutions

Reasons to buy

+High performance hosting without the steep price+Fast hosting+High security protected servers

Reasons to avoid

Lacks email hostingLacks cPanel since it’s cloud-based hosting

Cloudways has a different approach in providing hosting services, but that hasn’t stopped them from providing some of the best services in the world. Cloudways is known for the speed and security they offer, ultimately providing a worry-free experience and excellent hosting solutions to power up your website and boost its success.

Since Cloudways believes your focus should be in setting up a great website and not looking into complex hosting details, so the company makes the experience super easy starting with their cloud providers, unlimited applications, 24/7 support, managed security, automated backups, real time monitoring and innovative control panel, to optimize your site’s performance. 

Cloudways is one of the best WordPress hosting providers in the EU- it’s fast, reliable and secure and their high performance hosting and affordable plans are everything you need in reaching your business goals. 

Other features of Cloudways that make it more desirable aside from the high performance yet affordable hosting are the easy set up, excellent uptime, free trial for when you want to see it first hand before you make a decision, flexible account plans and tiers to choose from, protected servers which means protected data and files, and a number of apps that can be used alongside your Cloudways tools so you can get most out of your website’s features. 

A2 Hosting

(Image credit: A2 Hosting)

5. A2 Hosting

Focuses on your site’s success through unmatched speed

Reasons to buy

+99.9% Server uptime guarantee+Unlimited bandwidth+20x Faster loading 

Reasons to avoid

20x Faster loading only comes with the Turbo planFee for migration

A2 Hosting believes that your success is at arm’s reach if your site is fast, and fast it is going to be when your hosting is taken care of by the best. They’re committed to boosting your SEO to help you grow your site’s conversion rate and optimize security settings for software platforms such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento and OpenCart, improving your viewer’s experience. Their Guru crew support can keep you taken care of 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Though only the premium tier Turbo plan offers what may be the fastest loading speed in the EU (20 times faster loading isn’t a joke), having to upgrade your plan might just be the best thing you’d ever have to do. 

A2 Hosting still does offer affordable plans, making sure each plan provides you with dedicated servers that only A2 Hosting controls to maintain the speed, security and the overall experience optimization that A2 Hosting is known for.

Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur still learning the ropes or are already running a powerful website, A2 Hosting ensures your needs are met with the features offered in each of their plans. Their Sucuri Protection Suite, Sucuri Account Firewall and Sucuri Website Monitoring secures your file and data from getting into the wrong hands.

A2 Hosting also offers other features including unlimited data transfer, free SSL, 25 email addresses, free Cloudflare CDN, and tons of eCommerce features to help you jumpstart your site or improve your site’s already great performance. A2 Hosting gives you the chance to get your money back if you’re not satisfied with your experience, which is a guarantee in itself that you can only expect to be satisfied. A2 Hosting’s amazing server speeds have years of service to back up this guarantee, which makes it easy for them to bank on it.

GoDaddy UK

(Image credit: GoDaddy)

6. GoDaddy

This hosting giant makes website building as easy as 1, 2, 3

Reasons to buy

+Great user interface+Unlimited disk space+Unlimited bandwidth

Reasons to avoid

Otherwise slow response via live chatDiscounted prices come with long term commitment

A household name in both hosting and domains (website building, too!), GoDaddy offers comprehensive plans that offer unmetered bandwidth and storage, a free domain, 24/7 support, 1GB database storage, easy to use cPanel, round the clock security monitoring and a number of other features geared towards helping your site achieve success. GoDaddy has web hosting plans for Windows and Linux-based multiple shared hosting, managed WordPress hosting, virtual private servers, and dedicated hosting plans. 

The plans cater to the hosting needs of basic sites, small business websites, and complex, high traffic sites alike. A single cPanel is often a choice preferred by most developers, as it lets them manage the site and domain in a single platform. This is the reason GoDaddy is almost always a preferred platform to work on. 

Protecting your reputation and taking care of your customers’ trust is as important as website speed, and GoDaddy clearly understands this. As a result, GoDaddy gives you a trustworthy com or domain matched with an email address, designed to create a good sense of security, which customers love. GoDaddy’s industry-leading load times and 99.9% uptime guarantee also ensures your site is always around to give your customers a great experience, keeping your branding in place at all times.

Other tools GoDaddy offers include malware protection and unlimited malware removals, CDN performance acceleration, excellent response times, and a great user interface cPanel. GoDaddy optimizes all of these  to ensure your GoDaddy experience remains as powerful as the first time. Whether you’re just needing a platform to start building a name or an already established brand needing to continue excellent services, GoDaddy has your back.


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7. HostGator

Hosting giant with tons of features

Reasons to buy

+Tons of storage+Super fast hosting+Unmetered bandwidth

Reasons to avoid

Hidden fees and tricky pricesUptime needs improvement

HostGator’s reputation comes from their years of experience, with their record uptime of 99.98%, unlimited bandwidth and storage, great customer support, intuitive dashboard, and tons of more perks to get your site on track. HostGator is known for their shared hosting plans, WordPress hosting plans, Virtual Private Server (VPS) plans, cloud hosting plans, a dedicated server, and their very own website builder. 

Their hosting plans will give you unlimited bandwidth and database, weekly backups, 24-hour support, and low renewal costs. If you’re using Perl, Python and Ruby On Rails, you’re in good hands with HostGator. HostGator makes use of SSDs for hosting, which helps improve their server speed relatively. The only thing HostGator can improve on is their 99.94% uptime, but considering their exclusive features including round the clock support, that’s not actually so bad in keeping your website up and running, meeting the needs of your customers at all times.

HostGator’s WordPress hosting that is dedicated to speed and security, VPS hosting with dedicated control and scalable resources, and dedicated hosting for full control and management including ultimate performance make HostGator a great choice for your site to reach its full potential. HostGator provides the best hosting solutions for personal websites and business websites alike, and to help you achieve your website goals no matter what. 


(Image credit: HostPapa)

8. HostPapa

A consistently performing hosting provider

Reasons to buy

+Affordable plans for new businesses+Optimized VPN+Starter plan allows two websites

Reasons to avoid

No dedicated servers1 Year subscription requirement

HostPapa is a consistent contender for its performance. It offers affordable and competitively priced plans for the needs of both beginners and seasoned website experts. They also have strong enough servers for powerful sites, so if you want your site to reach its full potential, HostPapa is one of your best options.

Though their plan pricings are affordable, that does not mean hosting speed is compromised in any way. HostPapa does have a reputation for excellent uptimes and fast loading speeds, and their 24/7 bilingual customer support does not fall behind. Other features offered by HostPapa include a free domain name, easy-to-use hosting tools that give you full control of your site, and fast, not to mention reliable storage and apps. 

HostPapa hosting plans also come with pre-installed WordPress and Jetpack for when you feel like your website can benefit more from these platforms. Site migration and domain transfer are both free and easy, making switching to HostPapa the next easiest thing to signing up. Free site migration and domain transfer are two of the main selling points of HostPapa, second to their consistent speed and uptime. 

HostPapa is independently owned and invests in the best technology to offer you only the best hosting services you need for your website to reach its maximum potential. HostPapa is reliable, fast and offers excellent customer support to help you every step of the way. 

Scala Hosting

(Image credit: Scala Hosting)

9. Scala hosting

Secure and developer-friendly hosting

Reasons to buy

+99.9% Uptime guarantee+Super fast servers+Developer-friendly environment

Reasons to avoid

Does not have its own website builderHigh renewal fees

Scala hosting is one of the most reliable hosting providers with consistently strong server speed. Their VPS servers’ performance is also as highly notable and competitive. To guarantee this, their 99.9% uptime guarantee offers offsetting account credits should there be more downtimes than expected. Scala hosting also offers a comprehensive and powerful SPanel, Scala hosting’s alternative to cPanel, made more developer-friendly for easy navigation.

Some of Scala hosting’s strengths are their approach to security and impressive performance. Their own SPanel locks installation files for security, restricting hacker access to the server to upload malware. Traffic spikes do not become an issue either, as your site’s speed will remain untouched with their impressive connection time. 

Support is also not overlooked and should not be, and Scala hosting offers 24/7 chat support to ensure you get all the help you need anytime. Scala hosting’s plans offer competitive pricing, though renewal fees can go pretty steep. These plans include unlimited bandwidth, unlimited databases, guaranteed resources, a free domain and free SSL, SSD powered servers, SShield Cyber security, and a lot more. 

Other features of Scala hosting include daily backups that are done remotely, a 1-click installer, free website migration, and the eleven years of progress Scala hosting has on their hands, currently powering 700,000 websites from over 120 countries. 

Establishing a name for your business is the most crucial part of achieving that ever elusive success. Don’t be afraid to test the waters whenever you have to, even if that means you fall once or twice. For as long as you set your eyes on the goal and trust in the process, rising to the challenge won’t be a difficult path to take.