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A domain name is a surefire way to kickstart the process of getting your business noticed. It not only enhances your online visibility, it also provides you with a safe and sure way to grow your business at an affordable cost. You can purchase a domain name from a wide range of sources. In this article, we will show you the best places to get cheap domain names.

What are the Benefits of Using Websites to Find Cheap Domain Names?

When you choose to source your domain name from a website, there are benefits you stand to get. Some of these benefits are:

Enhanced Online Visibility

One of the benefits of using websites to find cheap domain names is that it is easy for your customers to find you online. With these products, you can choose a domain name that is short and memorable. This will help people to commit it to memory easily and find you easily. 

High Search Engine Rankings

It will improve your search engine rankings. This means that customers will easily find you in the search process. As opposed to being overlooked based on the fact that you’re far back on the Google page, you will be front and center. 

Savings in Time and Money

This is the most obvious reason. It is a time and money-saving idea to use websites to find cheap domain names. Whether you’re new to your business or you’re an old hand, surely you will not turn down a few extra dollars in savings.

What to Look for in the Best Places to Find Cheap Domain Names

It is unwise to put your money down on a website-sourced domain name. Therefore, there are a couple of things you should look out for in searching for a cheap website-sourced domain name. 

Factor No. 1: Authenticity of Website

You have to check that the website you’re sourcing your domain from is an authentic service provider. The last thing you want is to lose your domain name in the middle of business operations. Worse still, you wouldn’t want to lose your money to a fraudulent website. It helps to keep your eyes peeled. Do your due diligence before making payment in this regard. 

Factor No. 2: Provision of Alternatives

Another thing you should look out for is the provision of alternatives and services. Any website you patronize must offer you alternative name options. Alternative domain names also should be made available in case your first choice isn’t available.

Factor No. 3: Price for Domain Name

Domain name pricing is the main factor to watch for. The price for the domain name should be pocket-friendly. This implies a slash in cost compared to usual domain name prices. You have to be careful, though, because in most cases, cheap domain names mean less quality. Check to be sure you are not being played. 

The Best Places to Find Cheap Domain Names

Several websites offer cheap domain names. You should check out the list below, so you can get a jump on securing your cheap domain name. is a web hosting site that also performs a wide variety of other functions. Its focus, however, is on web hosting. If you’re looking to set up a primary online destination, this one’s for you. gives you many features that will enable you to lay the foundation for your new domain. 


  • Top-tier customer service
  • Impressive uptime
  • Availability of tools for website building
  • WordPress hosting package 


  • No monthly plans
  • Lack of Windows-based servers
  • No cloud options
  • No VPS options
  • Cannot handle advanced website building

Best for is the right fit for people who want an elementary online site. If you’re a growing brand in need of an advanced features website, then is not the right fit. 


Based on your preferences, domain names are on offer from $1.99 to $649.99 yearly.

For people looking to host secure, attractive, and user-friendly sites, is the answer. If you have a business and want to develop a website to help operations, you’ll get the best deal from Unlike most domain-hosting sites, has a price-feature balance perfect for businesses that need guidance. It also allows a lot of customization options for people who are genuinely experienced. This way, a sustainable solution model is created for everyone.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Impressive test uptime
  • Unhindered site migration 
  • Helpful site-designing software


  • Lack of a cloud option for hosting
  • Lack of servers with Windows background
  • Lack of shared hosting plans.

Best for is best for businesses and companies looking to create a destination that encourages sales and marketing. The stability and functionality it offers are hard to pass up.

Pricing is heavily criticized for a lack of monthly charges for its shared hosting. This makes budgeting and long-term planning difficult. However, it has rates for hosting.

  • $17.99 per year for .com packages
  • $18.99 per year for .org packages

This domain hosting service offers one of the best deals when it comes to balancing price and support. It enjoys pride of place as one of the best and most trusted names in the industry. One of the good things about their product offer is the addition of domain protection. Once you buy a .com domain with, you get WhoisGuard privacy security automatically. If you want to do business without revealing your contact information, this will work out for you.

Namecheap also has a status update blog where it updates its customers on the latest maintenance mandates and sundry issues. 


  • Impressive 2-factor authentication (2FA)
  • Structured and guided WordPress plans
  • Many cheap plans


  • Shared plans lack free SSL certification.
  • Share plans have no Cloudflare.
  • Poor uptime
  • Poor response time

Best for

This product is best suited for e-commerce sites. It is also an excellent fit for individuals who want to host a simple personal site. It also works for 1-pager sites.


Pricing is pretty straightforward, as long as you know how much is expected of you monthly. However, there are no specific price rates, only price ranges. You should find the range that suits you and commence work.

  • $10.98 for .net packages
  • $8.88 for .com packages
  • $9.18 for .org packages
  • $32.98 for .io packages

One of the new domain dealers in the market, styles itself as “a place where the internet’s best ideas get named.” Hover streamlined its operations to leverage its strength: selling domains and related email accounts. One thing that works for Hover is its devotion to simplicity and functionality. 


  • Simplicity of user interface
  • Transparent pricing
  • Excellent customer service
  • Impressive data protection


  • Lack of complementary products
  • Pricy rates

Best for is best suited for businesses and individuals who have experience in setting up and running a domain. Its simplicity helps the experienced hand cut through the fluff and get right to productive action.

Pricing pricing is plain, with different packages coming in at different prices.

  • $12.99 for .com packages
  • $13.99 for .org packages
  • $15.49 for .net packages

GoDaddy is one of the most prominent domain hosting options registered under ICANN. is a household name, so it’s not surprising that it offers complementary services and products. With GoDaddy, you can purchase domains in bulk, saving you time and money because there are discount prices for bulk purchases. 


  • Impressive tech support
  • Available solution for small businesses
  • Bulk domain purchases


  • Expensive domains
  • Poor customer service
  • Too many upsells

Best for

This service is best suited for businesses that have few resources to run their domains. GoDaddy’s tech support will help them navigate the process.


GoDaddy is a bit pricey, but the rates are plain.

  • $17.99 for .com packages
  • $19.99 for .net packages
  • $34.99 for .co packages

Where to go From Here

For your business to grow, you need to get domain names to reflect your visibility. However, using cheap website-sourced domain names will help you achieve business visibility at a more affordable cost.

It is also important to use websites to source domain names. Using the appropriate website will ensure that you are spending your money wisely.