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The Story of RouterHosting

RouterHosting has been providing safe, high-performance, and budget-friendly homes for your valuable data with their hosting service since 2008. By offering unrivaled performance powered by cutting-edge technologies such as NVMe/SSD storage and KVM technology at unbeatable prices, RouterHosting has the best solution for hosting needs. 

RouterHosting VPS web hosting has successfully gained the customers’ trust and satisfaction by achieving the highest review of 4.9 stars. This blog gives you a brief description of their services and how they stand out among their competitors.

A Brief Introduction to the Services by RouterHosting

RouterHosting aims to provide the best VPS hostings at the most affordable prices. Their main services are Linux VPS, Windows VPS, RDP Server, and Forex VPS.

Linux VPS

Many developers choose Linux VPS to host their websites because they want to get the most out of their virtual private servers at the lowest price and highest security level.

RouterHosting offers an irresistible package of Linux VPS, offering cost-effectiveness, security, and the lowest possible latency to the users. That’s a blessing from the KVM-powered system of the virtual servers, hosted on top-performance SSD storage run by ground-breaking NVMe protocol. That means your virtual server runs at the most optimum way, 100% isolated from the neighbors, and won’t ever have to compete with them for resources.

With 15+ locations servers spread worldwide, latency and technical issues will be a gone-for-good memory for your business.

The Linux VPS by RouterHosting Stands Out Because:

  • Unbeatable prices! You can get 1GB RAM powered by sky-rocketing fast performance KVM technology and NVMe SSD storage for only $5 per month!
  • Round-the-clock technical support is by your side to help you quickly and effortlessly manage any issues with your Linux VPS.
  • Farewell latency! RouterHosting guarantees 99.95% uptime!
  • 15+ data centers in North America, Europe, and Asia to help you perfect your online presence no matter where you are.
  • Feel free to give it a shot! RouterHosting is committed to a 7-day money-back policy to help you make the best decision.

Windows VPS

Windows has made life easier for billions of people without advanced technical backgrounds. Although its old-time competition, Linux, offers a broader range of choices and more control, Windows is the operating system of fresh-starters.  By choosing a Windows VPS, you let Microsoft take the wheel in most areas of managing your virtual server in a user-friendly and straightforward dashboard.

RouterHosting offers ultra-fast Windows VPS hosting superpowered by NVMe/SSD storage run by KVM technology to help ensure fast, secure, and smooth performance.

The Windows VPS by RouterHosting Stands Out Because:

  • Superfast Windows VPS empowered by NVMe/SSD storage and leading-edge KVM technology, only at $7.95/Month.
  • You’ll get a free Windows of your choice.
  • You can get complete admin access to your virtual server, just like your own personal computer.
  • 15+ Global server locations, promising you the least latency, ultra-fast connections, and 1 Gbps dedicated bandwidth
  • 7-Day Money-Back guarantees to help you make the best decision.
  • Say a loud no to latency with 99.95% Uptime!

RDP Server

With the soaring advance of technology, the concept of distance is losing its meaning day by day. RDP is a new technology that functions pretty much like VPS, aiming to provide stable remote control on a desktop. Especially now that most of the people have to work from home because of the social distancing protocols, the importance of RDP has multiplied.

RouterHosting has sensed this need and answered it ideally with its RDP servers. This revolutionary solution helps people have the best collaboration by remote working, away from disconnection and latency of regular PCs and internet connections.

The RDP Server by RouterHosting Stands Out Because:

  • Complete Admin Access 
  • You have the option to buy cheap RDP with bitcoin.
  • Real-time access to your Remote Desktop with state-of-the-art infrastructure with maximum uptime, minimum latency, and great peering
  • Uninterruptible connection at ultra-fast speeds and extremely high bandwidth

Forex VPS

Robots never stop taking over humans in critical tasks, and Forex trading is one of the recent areas in which humans lost to robots. To get the most profitable result of Crypto and Forex trading, you should be monitoring the market 24/7 to be quick as a wink in responding to any market shifts. Even milliseconds matter in Forex trading, and a fairly ignorable latency could take your investment down in the dumps! To lower the risk of your trading, you’d better not rely on your desktop computer and regular internet connection. RouterHosting VPS web hosting comes to your aid with mega-fast VPS hosting to forget about latency and disconnection to keep doing money-maker tradings.

The Forex VPS by RouterHosting Stands Out Because:

  • 2GB RAM + Pure NVMe SSD Forex VPS at just $7.95 a month!
  • Complete Admin access
  • Connect remotely with an RDP (Remote Desktop)
  • The least possible latency and great peering
  • It gives you the option to close to your broker
  • Unstoppable Profits with 99.99% Uptime
  • 7-Day Money-Back guarantee to help you decide
  • Syncing with all trading platforms such as MT4 / MT5, cTrader, or any other
  • Several Remote Desktop Terminals