Bride falls to her knees at her family’s surprise | Humankind

Her wedding wouldn’t be the same without her parents, but… OMG THEY’RE HERE! 👰
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Aline Nas never thought her parents in Brazil would be able to get their visas in time to make it to her wedding. Her groom Ryan Tickle surprised her.

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A short time after her death, my student got a “Dear John/Daddy” letter from his middle daughter. It was a painful letter for him to receive. However, upon closer inspection looking at the actual words and tone of the letter, he understood how much his little girl is hurting. She is missing her Mom, feeling lost, and wants to have a dad she can talk to, a dad who can give her lots of hugs, and a dad who would console her during her time of grief. His middle daughter was screaming out in emotional pain.

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