Buen Data becomes Moodle Certified Partner to service rapidly growing Colombian online learning market – Moodle

The technological transformation sweeping across Colombia and Latin America has been fueled by the COVID-19 pandemic and the virtual delivery of education and training has grown rapidly in the primary, secondary, higher education, technical and professional learning sectors.  We are pleased to announce that Moodle Reseller, Buen Data, has joined the Moodle service provider network as a Certified Partner in Colombia.

Transformation to online learning in Colombia

Hemerson Carreño, Principal Access of Buen Data says, “The growth of the market has been exceptional across both the education and workplace learning markets.  For instance, the Colombian Department of Education has directed that for the 2021-2023 period, over 70% of Colombian higher education institutions must deliver online learning.  The scale of adoption has been mirrored in workplaces. Digital transformation has motivated corporations to develop their own learning institutions in which professional and personal development is supported as a means to increase performance, productivity, business growth and minimise risk.”

Joining the Moodle Certified Service Provider network affirms Buen Data’s commitment to expand virtual education across the region and reflects their expertise in optimising and improving online education and training processes with Moodle platforms.

 “In becoming a Moodle Certified Partner we will achieve significant growth and it will cement our position as pioneers and participants in the implementation of new trends and E-learning functionalities across the region,” says Carreño.

Moodle based services

Buen Data offers the full suite of Moodle based services for Moodle LMS and Moodle Workplace including consulting, cloud hosting, implementation, integrations, custom development, course development, personalisation, training, support, analytics and reports.  They also deliver the Branded Moodle App, MEC (Moodle Educator Certification ), ReadSpeaker Accessibility and GO1 Course Library.  

“Whether we are working with education institutions to develop their virtual campus or assisting an organisation to create a ‘corporate university’, we work in partnership with our customers to develop training routes and plans, course design, implementations and establish indicators to measure and track results,” explains Carreño.

Buen Data Customer Success

Latin American human management services organisation, Efficacy, recently engaged Buen Data to oversee a Moodle Workplace implementation that delivered a platform to train more than 100,000 team members in the Region for accounts such as Unilever, Nutresa, Familia, Colgate and Fortox. The project has resulted in participation and effectiveness of the platform being rated at 90%.

Buen Data has also completed a training platform for Mario Hernández, a Colombian fashion house dedicated to the manufacture of luxury leather accessories.  The project included developing an entire strategic training plan via the Moodle platform focused on strengthening internal processes and commerciality; and the personal and professional skills of hundreds of employees.

Other Buen Data customers include Ramo, Totoya, Distoyota, Mesofoods, Presto, OMA, Buffalo wings, SICA, Seguros Pepín, World Vision, Fundación Angel Ramos and BGR Banco General Rumiñahui.

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