Corgi Events to disband after staff upheaval following Sin City Murr Con’s first year – Flayrah

Posted by Sonious (Tantroo McNally) on Tue 15 Feb 2022 – 14:34Edited by GreenReaper

Corgi Events LLC Inverted Corgi Events LLC, a for-profit organization that operated five furry and two brony conventions, is to be disbanded according to a letter released by one of the conventions, AquatiFur, on February 12th. This follows a series of events and malfeasance concerns that started with an unusual email sent out to their Dealer’s Den mailing list. This letter, sent February 8th, alleged the LLC’s sole-proprietor, Corey “Treble” Woods, was going to file for bankruptcy and bail on the organization.

This troubling news followed a stressful slate of Corgi Events running Sin City Murr Con’s première instance, just after Painted Desert Fur Con a month prior. Testimony from Boiler, a prior member of staff, shared their side of the story on this unrelenting demand on staff. It talked of a loss of faith in their organization’s leader due a spate of problematic behavior, including alleged drunkenness, prolonged response times to urgent financial matters, and delays in compensation. Tempers finally blew over into the public sphere when Treble terminated Koi from staff, a person who he admitted was running many day-to-day operations.

Treble: [The Dealer’s Den Email] is not accurate! The person just quit because I fired KoiVixen. The con is/will/and will always be happening.

Finix: I’d send out another email then.

Treble: As soon as I get access to that list I plan to. This has all happened in the last 10 minutes-ish. I was super back offish with my company, letting Koi run it. So I need to figure this all out. Thank you and please bare with me.

-Twitter Thread Feb 8, 2022; bold added for emphasis.

As these stories were coming out, others had brought up an issue with Treble’s taxes that caused additional concerns about their ability to manage the LLC’s financial obligations – a delinquent tax warrant for $86,556.85 in his home state of Wisconsin, filed on December 13th, 2021. In response, the convention leader stated that they were just resolving a missed filing with the IRS and there wasn’t too much to worry about. Lawyer Boozy Badger indicated that a tax warrant should not be viewed in the same light as a criminal warrant, and cannot be used as evidence of other malfeasance, but those running any organization should always be wary of their tax obligations, lest they end up like Al Capone.

The case between Treble and Lemonbrat was also brought up, in which the fursuit creator had alleged that Treble, who was in charge of their books, embezzled $40,000 of funds to line their own pockets. This case was settled out of court. During all of this, multiple staff members announced resignations and began to pull back resources they contributed, including their web hosting and services.

With concerns over the owner of the LLC piling up over the course of four days from the initial dealer’s den email, two letters were released indicating that Corgi Events would be disbanding. After this dissolution, the seven conventions they ran announced they will fall under different proprietors. The two brony conventions – Whinny City Pony Con and Ponyville Ciderfestwill be run by a yet-to-be-established non-profit organization. Four of the furry conventions – DenFur, Golden State Fur Con, Painted Desert Fur Con, and AquatiFurare to be run by a non-profit organization called Anthropomorphic Events Incorporated Organization United. AEIOU may also run Sin City Murr Con, but given the tumultuous events of its first year, the letter seems to imply it is at risk. It also indicates that while Treble may help in the transfer, they’ll be stepping aside once matters are finalized.

Instead of letting everything crash and burn, he has agreed to this transfer of property and responsibility to the new nonprofit organization. Treble is neither a board member of the new nonprofit organization, nor is it our intention to make him one.