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Published Wednesday, Oct. 10, 2018, 1:05 pm

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dedicated hosting

If you are looking to launch a website you are probably aware that you require some type of hosting service to make it live and viewable to your target audience.

Two common types of hosting services that are considered ideal for growing websites are VPS Hosting and Dedicated Hosting.

Although both hosting services can accommodate the requirements of any small to big size website, they are designed for different purposes. Therefore, they can’t take each other’s place.

In this article, we will take a look at some of their differences so that you can better decide which is going to be a perfect choice for your next online project.

Let’s begin it with a brief introduction to these hosting types.

VPS Hosting

In VPS hosting, a physical server is virtually partitioned into multiple servers for the purpose, each virtual partition can run its own operating system and get the ability to run a dedicated machine. In the simplest words, in a VPS hosting, the actual physical server is segregated into different isolated environments.

Dedicated Hosting

As you can judge by the name, in dedicated hosting, a user or organization reserves the entire server and its resources. In this type of hosting, a user has the sole right to the whole resources of a server.

With most dedicated hosting services, you will get the liberty to choose the amount and type of RAM, type and size of disk space and processor.

Main Differences

One of the biggest differences between these two hosting types is their server type. In dedicated hosting, one hosting account is served on one server, whereas in VPS hosting, several virtual private accounts share a single server.

Nevertheless, both hosting services offer low-end plans to high-end plans you can choose as per your budget. Both are blazing fast and can offer you features such as Malware scanning and removal, annual security audits and much more.


Pricing is the primary concern for most website owners. As no one like to go beyond the budget no matter how big or small their online projects are. If you are.

If you care about pricing too, it is necessary to check the overall cost in advance. It comes as no surprise that a web hosting service that serves more users accounts on the same server will offer the cheaper price.

This is what exactly happens in the case of VPS hosting. As we mentioned in the beginning, though VPS provider offers their every user a separate virtual environment, in the backend, it is managed by the one physical server. It makes VPS service much cheaper than dedicated hosting.

Low-end VPS plan starts at as low as $5 for a month. However, you may upgrade your plan anytime with the growing needs of your website. You may check affordable VPS plans here: https://hostinger.com/hosting/vps.

If we talk about the cost of a dedicated server, it starts somewhere at $99/month. Depending on your website’s needs, you can look for managed or unmanaged dedicated plans as well.

Note- Managed dedicated hosting is costlier than unmanaged one.


The Dedicated server always has an upper hand when it comes to security. The one primary reason for the same is that you don’t share server resources with several users that naturally reduces the chance of Malware and virus entering your website.

Speaking of VPS hosting, in addition to all the common threats that any hosting service can encounter, VPS hosting has one more weakness.

We are talking about hypervisor. Although hypervisor is responsible for creating and managing each virtual allotments on the server, it may get affected by the virus sometimes. In most cases, the virus bypasses the hypervisor and enter into all the websites hosted on the server.

In dedicated hosting, the chances of security breaches are comparatively low than VPS hosting.


Well, it will majorly depend on your server’s hardware specifications. However, given two servers with the similar specification, you will find that dedicated server is performing better than VPS server. Of Course for the reason that with a dedicated server you don’t share resources with any other user.

It doesn’t mean that the VPS plan will not be able to fulfill the requirements of your website. But yes, if you are running a resource heavy website or your website really needs a massive amount of hardware to power it, you will definitely need to look for a dedicated server.


Everyone creates a website with the purpose to make it a success and grow business. However, with a growing website, you often need a hosting partner that should accommodate the growth of your website.

Therefore, scalability is often the make or break feature when deciding between dedicated and VPS hosting.

VPS hosting service has good potential in this area. In VPS hosting, you can often adjust resources as per the traffic trend. For instance, if you are running an eCommerce store that usually requires more bandwidth to accommodate the rush of shoppers, VPS hosting lets you increase your server resources anytime without experiencing and downtime.

It is possible because of their shared nature and decentralized data storage. On the other hand in dedicated hosting, it seems little difficult to scale up without experiencing downtime.


Since you are the only user on dedicated hosting system and you have a complete control over everything, you can do pretty much you want to.

By having better control over the server you can put together a configuration that is best for you.

Although with most VPS hosting you get root access, configuration liberty will comparatively less than dedicated hosting.

Should I Choose VPS or Dedicated Server?

VPS hosting is almost always more affordable than dedicated hosting. Still, we would say that one of the major factors in determining which hosting service you should go with is what type of or how much resources you need for your website.

We hope this guide will help you make the right decision. Which hosting service you are going choose let us know in the comment section below. We would be happy to hear from you.