EATEL rebranding under REV parent company name – Greater Baton Rouge Business Report

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EATEL, RTC and Vision Communications are being rebranded as REV, taking on the name of their parent company.

The combined company is Louisiana’s largest privately owned telecommunications network with 2,790 miles of fiber and almost 400 employees serving more than 60,000 customers, the company says. VENYU, which provides cloud hosting, data center and data protection services and also is part of the company, will retain its name. 

“Because they’re contiguous markets, because they’re in the same line of business, we wanted to minimize confusion both internally and externally,” says company CEO Josh Descant. 

REV is an acronym for RTC (or Reserve Telecommunications), EATEL and Vision, which came together through mergers and acquisitions in 2019. Their combined reach extends across parts of seven parishes from East Baton Rouge to Grand Isle, Descant says. 

He says the company has been rolling out the rebrand gradually, informing employees first, then customers beginning this month. Starting March 1, the assets will be co-branded, with the company shooting for full transition to the unified brand in May. 

“We want the market to signal to us how that new brand identity is going,” Descant says. “These are 100-year-old brands. We know it’s going to take some time to make that connection between what it was to what it is now.”