Exabytes Falls Victim To Ransomware Attack: Causes Disruptions To Certain Services – Lowyat.NET

Mainly known for its domain and web hosting services, Exabytes has revealed that it has experienced a ransomware attack. According to a notice that was posted in the Community Forums of its support website at 9:12 PM yesterday, the company first detected the incident at 5:00 AM.

As you may expect, the ransomware attack has caused disruptions to some of the services offered by the Penang-based company who apparently serving more than 160,000 clients throughout the world. Among services that were affected by the attack includes WordPress hosting, virtual private server, and Windows-based shared hosting, according to Exabytes’ support site.

exabytes restore status sept2 01
Exabytes’ support site, as captured at 1:49 AM today.

However, service restoration is taking place at a very slow pace though since the site also noted that only 3% of the data has been restored by 12:30 AM today. So far, the support site did not mention how long the full recovery process would take.

Meanwhile, nothing much was revealed through the brief statement that was released by Exabytes although the company did note that it has informed authorities regarding the attack. In a tweet that has since been deleted, the attackers have apparently asked USD900,000 (~RM3.75 million) in cryptocurrency from the company although it is unclear whether Exabytes has actually paid for it or otherwise.

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