Since last week, Google has put its foot on the accelerator to deliver the Material You look for the main Workspace apps on Android 12. Drive was one of the first to go through the revitalization, but there was still no news of changes in its widgets, which allow easier access to files without having to open the app.

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Now, the cloud hosting service will feature new utilities created especially for the updated branding. The main novelty is the convenience they will bring to the user’s routine: you’ll be able to search a file, OCR an image, upload or create a new document in a much more agile way.

These are Drive’s four widget options (Image: Playback/9to5Google)

There will be four widget templates, the smallest being 3×1 and a single shortcut to upload a document. There is a 4×1 alternative that has three extra shortcuts (search, photo and new document) and a third with a 5×1 format, the same as the previous one, but with more spacing between the icons.

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The fourth and last option is the more spacious, with the letter “X” format, despite having the same features as the previous models — the difference is the occupied space, 3×3, which provides a more balanced view of the shortcuts. In the four examples, the widgets support background colors, which gives a balanced feel to the look.

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The look of Google Drive has changed little in Material You (Image: Playback/ Android Headlines)

The Google Drive redesign was quite simple, with small bottom bar changes (highest) and pill-shaped indicators to highlight which tab you’re on. Buttons adopted the square format with rounded edges, the search bar lost its shading and became flatter, in addition to some changed tones thanks to the Dynamic Color feature, which makes the look with the same color palette as the wallpaper.

To access the revamped look of Google Drive widgets, you need to update the app to version 2.21.21, which may not be released to everyone right away. It is essential to remember that this design setting is only present for those who are an Android beta tester 21, which includes users from the Pixel line of phones and other compatible brands.

Source: 9to5Google

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