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When it comes to RDP connection, security and safety maintain a prominent place. As stats revealed, Remote Desktop Connection became a favorite target ground for hackers’ attacks and other spiteful threats. These outside threats are more common in earlier versions of RDP than in recently released ones. However, no matter if you’re using a new or old version, you should always do some security measures while RDP connecting. By taking these measures, users should have no safety concerns anymore and would be easily able to establish a safe and sound Remote Desktop connection for their use.

In the following section, we will explain some of the most effective tips you can consider for having a more secure RDP connection in your Windows.

7 Tips for making your RDP connections extremely secured 🔐

1: Use a stronger password to make it unhackable

The easiest way to improve the security of your RDP connection is to simply generate a stronger password for the connection. By appointing a highly strong password to your RDP session, you will put the first line of your RDP protection against the online attackers as is proper.

Use at least 8 characters, the more the merrier

Use Alphabets (a-z, A-Z)

User numbers (0-9)

Use punctuation and other characters (|~-=`{}[]:”;’<>?,./ !@#$%^&*()_+)

Avoid repetitious or numerically ordered character, e.g, AAAAAAAA, 11111111, 12345678

2: Enable two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication, also called two-factor verification, is a famous security-enhancing protocol that can be founded nearly in all login-based applications. 2FA can also be applied in RDP for safety purposes. By enabling 2FA, users will benefit from two separate login components ‌ (user’s password and smart lock) and will have more security against outer attacks.

3: Keep your software updated

In earlieroutdated versions of RDP, the risks of hackers attacks are more common. Microsoft uses encryption for the security of its RDP software. They continuously provide users with time-to-time updates trying to improve the encryption and consequently enhance the security of RDP. It means that the more up-to-date version of RDP you use, the more secured it would be.

4: Limit users who can log in to the Remote Desktop

Windows, as a default setting, allows all administrators to log in to the RDP, although they don’t need to. This is on its own pose some threats to the security of your RDP connection. Hence, to diminish the risk, you need to limit the Remote Desktop access only to the account(s) that need it.

5: Enable Network Level Authentication (NLA)

Another way for securing your RDP session is through Network Level Verification. By enabling NLA on your system, you can add another level of verification before making a Remote Desktop connection. Although it was firstly an optional security feature in earlier versions of Windows, in newer versions, NLA is enabled by default (from Windows 7 onwards).

6: Use firewalls to limit the access

You can restrict access to your Remote Desktop connection by using the Windows firewall. This will prevent any unknown IP address to your scope from connecting through the RDP session. To scoping your RDP port and limit its access via firewalls you need to follow the below steps:

Setting > Update & Security

Windows Security > Firewall and Network Protection

Advanced Settings


Inbound Rules > Remote Desktop – User Mode (TCP-In) > Properties

Scope > Remote IP address > Add

Now, choose the IP addresses and subnets authorized to RDP sessions

7: Choose a highly-secured RDP VPS hosting

Having a first-rate RDP hosting provider can bring numerous advantages to you. One of the most beneficial of them is the high security that RDP hosting can provide for its users. In fact, this high security is becoming a prime motive that convinces users to buy RDP Online. The important thing to consider here is that not all providers ensure the highest security for your Remote Desktop connection. Thus, you should choose the best of the best among RDP hosting providers to gain maximum security for your RDP connections.

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Throughout the above article, we have fully covered the tips you can consider for establishing a more secured Remote Desktop connection. It can be concluded that although RDP connections can be threatened by hackers, you can completely eliminate the risk of it by taking some security measures. So, there’s no need to be troubled over the security of your RDP sessions anymore.

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