How vaccine mandates have been used in schools, military, COVID-19 | Just the FAQs

Vaccine mandates have been around in the U.S. since 1777. Here’s how much power states have to enact mandates and the history of those controversies. RELATED:

As a fourth wave of the coronavirus surges, Americans by a wide margin say protecting the common good is more important than ensuring personal liberty when considering whether to require people to get a COVID-19 vaccination or wear a protective mask.

An overwhelming 72%-28% of those surveyed by USA TODAY and Ipsos called mask mandates “a matter of health and safety,” not an infringement on personal liberty. By 61%-39%, they endorsed requiring vaccinations except for those with a medical or religious exemption.

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The Promised Land

How we look at things will reveal if we are reactionaries or opportunists. How we see ourselves will determine what actions we will take.

Mosquitos: At Home Edition

Obligated to spend more time at home throughout Covid-19 restrictions and remote work orders, many people have found interest in investing in their backyard. Creating an enjoyable outdoor space is not only a fun project, but an opportunity to construct an “outdoor oasis,” a welcome respite from the stressors of pandemic life. Whether you’ve found escape in a DIY pizza oven, a new patio, an inflatable pool or a garden, you’ve probably had to deal with one major drawback: mosquitos.

Path to Self-Fulfillment

Never have so many needed to re-discover hope, faith and courage. Wrong thinking and wrong values set the path to superficial living. Simplicity is not about keeping up with your neighbor or friends. It is rational people who can best manage their affairs in complex situations. Happy people radiate an inner contentment that makes them more pleasant. And, true peace of mind can only come from an awareness of God’s Presence in our daily walk in life.

A Day in Cold Spring Harbor, Long Island

This article serves as a guide for the day-tripper to Cold Spring Harbor, Long Island. It discusses its significant attractions, shops, and restaurants.

What Makes America Beautiful – Equality – Not Equity

America is beautiful because of the strong foundation upon which it is built: equality. EQUALITY OF HUMANITY is the eternal, unchanging truth that motivated our founding fathers and ultimately united our fifty states. In 1776 all of Europe was ruled by monarchies.