HUAWEI AppGallery Connect Serverless Services for easy app development and O_M officially released-01

HUAWEI AppGallery Connect recently rolled out a number of serverless services, including Auth Service , Cloud DB, Cloud Functions, Cloud Storage, and Cloud Hosting, that allow developers to access app Focus on innovation and simplify app development and operation. HUAWEI AppGallery Connect, a one-stop service platform for apps, is passionate about promoting the use of serverless technologies for innovation in the app ecosystem.

Auth Service enables developers to quickly build a user authentication system at a lower cost by providing a pre-built, hosted authentication systemIt provides SDKs for various platforms that users can use to log in with their mobile phone number, email address, HUAWEI ID or third-party accounts such as Facebook and Twitter to enable a smooth login.

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Cloud Functions helps create app backend services quickly so that code can run without the need to manage servers. This means that development and tests are carried out function-related so that the developers can concentrate on developing the service logic. It also helps to simplify operations and allocate resources correctly.

Cloud DB, a scalable, serverless database, provides secure and reliable data management services. It offers easy-to-use cloud and device SDKs. And it ensures that data can be automatically synchronized between different devices. This is how you can quickly develop secure and reliable applications with Cloud DB.

Cloud storage enables developers to securely and inexpensively store large amounts of data such as images, audio and video data generated by users. It offers cloud and device SDKs so developers don’t have to set up servers or do CDN (content delivery network) configurations, and it can run automatically.

Cloud hosting offers hosting functions from a single source and enables the website to be released quickly. This means that users can access web applications without having to use cloud servers. With cloud hosting, developers can only focus on creating the service logic and don’t have to worry about the details of deploying it in the cloud.

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