Important Features in Project Management Tools – The Tech Report

A project manager’s software should be able to assist them in managing their projects effectively with several important features.

Project managers are increasingly using project management software products. After all, project managers need this sort of solution on a daily basis. But what should you check for if you’re asked to help choose new team software? Here are the top ten most important project management tool criteria. These aren’t presented in any particular order, as the value of each project varies. You may even think some aren’t important! However, use this list as a starting point when selecting the software for your shortlist.

1. Usability is essential.

First, be sure the program you buy is intuitive to use! It should go without saying that certain tools are complex and need proper training. The most helpful product for you will be simple to use and suitable for your team. Many tools provide free trials so you may try it out before you buy it.

2. Schedulers are vital.

Professional-grade scheduling tools such as Gantt chart software are required to properly handle projects. Many simple products will only show you a list of tasks rather than a Gantt chart. While it may be enough for minor projects with a small team, it’s important for you to have more as soon as things get a little more difficult.

3. Task control is critical.

Gantt charts begin with a task list, hence task management tools are required. This should include the option to give tasks to teammates so they know where to spend their efforts. It’s important to be able to order tasks as you see fit. That entails categorizing them and assigning due dates. Another feature is the option to send email alerts to the person responsible for the task.

4. External shareability is important.

Sharing plans and tasks inside your organization is one thing, but it’s also vital to seek out technology that makes project data open to others. This is important when dealing with contractors and third parties. It’s also why cloud-based web software is so popular.

5. Live reporting is crucial.

It’s always important to find a product with real-time reporting to save time. This will take data from various parts of the project management software and provide reports on the project’s status.

6. Graphical reports are significant.

While we’re talking about reports, presenting them visually is often useful. Although it’s not always the case, I’ve found that many stakeholders and sponsors prefer dashboards and charts over textual reports. Look for technology with customizable dashboards for each stakeholder.

7. Safety is critical.

Functionality is great, but if your data isn’t safe, neither is your project’s integrity. Examine your software’s security features. Securing your program online requires 128-bit encryption. Use a dedicated hosting platform to keep your customers’ data protected.

8. Expert interfaces are important.

There are various tools, however, some of these are outdated. The key criterion for selecting software should be usability. It doesn’t hurt to choose something appealing. And your coworkers will think you’re cutting edge!

9. Custom options can shore up usability.

Having plenty of pre-built reports is significant, but having custom outputs and fields is much better. You should be able to tweak the tool’s appearance to suit your working style. Some tools allow you to upload logos and adjust colors. Reports and data columns are the most crucial to customize. These allow you to display information to your stakeholders in various ways. That way you know what has to be managed on the project.

10. Of course, timesheets are a must.

Finally, it’s important to look for a project management tool that includes time tracking. Your staff may not approve, but they will help you keep track of their duties. They can also alert you to delays and allow you to validate your work estimations. Choose a product that helps your staff complete timesheets. For example, choose one that allows you to duplicate the past week’s duties and tasks.

Summing Up

These are my top ten most important product feature suggestions. You may rank them and choose your project management software accordingly. Choosing the perfect product for you and your team might be difficult. So, before making a final selection, test-drive your shortlisted program to see if you truly like it.