Kenneth Cole Moves E-Commerce Site to Hosted Cloud Platform – Retail & Leisure International

A specialty fashion brand is moving its online store to the cloud-based Nogin commerce-as-a-service (CaaS) platform.

As a result of this shift to a hosted, cloud-based online retail solution, Kenneth Cole Productions intends to gain the ability to deliver best-in-class e-commerce to its customers; as well as increase sales, profits and conversion rates. The company also seeks to execute research and development upgrades in real-time.

Kenneth Cole is leveraging Nogin’s cloud services and experts layered on top of the Nogin Intelligent Commerce Platform. This implementation model enables Kenneth Cole to scale with demand generated by a platform with machine learning and optimization capabilities. 

“Like so many other brands, Kenneth Cole was caught between extremely expensive and inflexible legacy enterprise software on the one hand, and inadequate, lower-end small-to-medium-sized business platforms on the other,” said Jan-Christopher Nugent, CEO of Tustin, California-based Nogin. “Intelligent Commerce provides a long-term delivery model that will help Kenneth Cole profitably keep pace with Big Retail. Just as Amazon Web Services was revolutionary for on-demand cloud-hosting, the Nogin platform is a game-changer in e-commerce.”

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