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On-demand VPS hosting provides a cost-effective VPS hosting solution that is ideal for short-term projects or where there is a requirement to host your code or applications online without the need for lengthy and costly contracts.

At Absolute Hosting, we provide AMD EPYC VPS Daily – a service designed to give you immediate access to powerful computing at a per day rate.

No matter whether you’re looking to simply test the VPS service for a day or two before ordering a long-term solution, or looking to set up a temporary file-sharing server for a few days to share with friends or co-workers, or looking for a cost-effective VPS server to test your code over a few days and need high-performance compute to crunch through millions of lines of code, we have a Daily VPS Solution that will meet your requirements.

Absolute Hosting’s AMD EPYC VPS Daily starts at R6 per day for a simple 2 vCPU VPS 1GB Ram and 20GB nVME storage, and larger more powerful AMD EPYC VPSes are available as needed.

Absolute Hosting utilises the latest enterprise-grade server hardware to power its infrastructure and provide its clients with cost-effective VPS services. All services are hosted at Dimension Data’s Victory Park Data Centre and all server hardware is exclusively SuperMicro – with active redundancy.

Absolute Hosting prides itself on providing automated VPS server solutions that are simple to manage and facilitated from a client service area.

Get in touch with Absolute Hosting at hello@absolutehosting.co.za for more information.