Gerhard Hartman is the VP of Medium Business at Sage Africa and Middle East.

He has spent 20 years at Sage, gathering extensive experience in helping small to medium businesses achieve their potential.

In his current role, Hartman oversees the expansion of Sage’s accounting, human resources, and payroll business across Africa and the Middle East.

This involves developing business strategies to drive sales, improve operations, and increase profit margins, while simultaneously acquiring new customers and up-selling and cross-selling to existing customers.

In this episode of Owning It with Sage, Hartman explains that moving your business online is about reaching and assisting customers through digital platforms, and is about more than having a laptop and an Internet connection.

He also unpacks the cloud and explains how high-quality cloud services – such as Sage Business Cloud – can increase business efficiency.

Hartman discusses the ease at which businesses can scale their systems and operations with Sage Business Cloud, and underlines the importance of data protection through Sage’s Business Cloud solutions.

The full interview with Gerhard Hartman is embedded below. Find all the Business Talk – Owning it with Sage interviews here.


Owning it with Sage – Gerhard Hartman on moving your business online