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WASHINGTON, Sept. 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Today, RightForge announced the launch of its own website-hosting platform. The platform is the first of its kind––built from the ground up with industry-leading technology and dedicated to the timeless principles articulated in the Declaration of Independence.

Critically, RightForge’s platform provides customers safe harbor from censorship practices that have become common in Silicon Valley and beyond because it is not reliant upon Big Tech. In particular, it allows for the migration to and creation of WordPress sites on an independent stack. The goal is to unleash the American entrepreneurial spirit and revitalize freedom of expression online.

RightForge is a full-service technology infrastructure company specializing in high-availability cloud hosting, web development, and protecting online assets for individuals and organizations that wish to preserve an open and free Internet and the American way of life.

“Americans are rightfully concerned about being deplatformed after seeing Big Tech unilaterally silence the sitting President of the United States as well as countless other fellow citizens,” said RightForge CEO Martín Avila. “Starting today, Americans now have a choice. They can choose to make themselves subjects of Big Tech monopolists or choose to be free citizens of the internet.”

RightForge is built upon one of the world’s largest IPv4/IPv6-peered networks with dedicated server space in over 30 data centers around the globe. Also, with a 24/7 national operations center staffed by veterans of the United States Armed Forces, the company employs a content-delivery network to ensure industry-leading security and some of the fastest upload/download speeds possible.

Those interested in creating a new website or migrating their current one should visit

RightForge has been featured by, among other national outlets, FederalistAmerican ConservativeDaily CallerNewsMaxNewsweek and Fox Business.

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