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An unexpected and widespread internet outage knocked PlayStation Network, Steam, and several other online important services offline.

A major internet outage knocked PlayStation Network, and other popular web-based services like Steam, offline. At the time of writing, it appears that some of the afflicted services are slowly (but surely) beginning to come back online, after significant down time. This is the second PlayStation Network outage this year, with the previous one occurring back in late April.

A similar issue also happened almost a year ago in August 2020. Last year, a problem with Cloudflare, a web infrastructure service, rendered both PSN and Xbox Live unusable for hours. The issue also affected several popular games such as Grand Theft Auto VDestiny 2, and Fortnite. Now, it appears the same has happened again, although this time it is affecting many other non-gaming services as well.

Thursday, The Verge shared that upwards of 40,000 PSN users had reported connectivity issues. The official PSN Status website now says that there are no issues at press time, but previously read that “there are external, internet-wide issues that might affect your experience” earlier in the day. Steam was also experiencing issues, but at the time of writing, it is apparently back online again.

Steam Down June 15 2020

Outside of just gaming services, airlines, banks and emergency services are all also experiencing outage issues. The Verge reports that, “AWS and Akamai, a pair of content delivery networks that host much of the internet, are both experiencing issues.” Cloudflare CEO Matthew Prince has already taken to Twitter to say Cloudflare is not responsible for the outage this time around.

PlayStation Network has historically been susceptible to service outage, but in recent months, it feels like it is becoming a reoccurring event. Coupled with the PlayStation 5’s worldwide popularity, when outages like this happen, they affect a large group of players, which in turn results in a large amount of notoriety. On top of this, due to both AWS and Akamai’s being used by large companies and services around the world, even a slight hiccup on their end can take down large swaths of the internet.

With companies like Delta Airlines, Fideltiy, and even the New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority all experiencing issues due to this outage, it raises the question of what long-term effects (if any) it will have on cloud hosting services moving forward. At the time of writing, it looks like the issue is being resolved, and services like PlayStation Network are returning.

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Source:  Matthew Prince (via The Verge), PlayStation


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