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DALLAS, TX / ACCESSWIRE / June 10, 2021 / ScalaHosting, a leading provider of Managed Cloud Virtual Private Server (VPS) services, has finalized its strategic collaboration partnership agreement with Amazon Web Services (AWS).

The partnership combines the robust functionality of the SPanel web hosting control panel with ultra-reliable AWS infrastructure to offer more customers the best of both worlds. Also Included in the combination is SShield security protection, premium Softaculous 1-click installer, and access to 24/7 live ‘ask anything’ technical support.

‘The cornerstone of ScalaHosting has always been to expand access to reliable and cost-effective web hosting solutions to the greater market. Our partnership with AWS is yet another milestone bringing us further along that path,’ said Vlad G. – CEO & Co-founder, ScalaHosting.

Combining Simplicity with Power and Reliability

One of the obstacles to Cloud hosting adoption has been the increased technical demand on users. This challenge can be difficult for smaller companies to surmount without significant specialized talent acquisition or outsourcing.

SPanel Takes Ease of Use to the Next Level

The ScalaHosting partnership with AWS introduces SPanel, offering users an intuitive interface for Cloud VPS management. The Graphic User Interface (GUI)-driven SPanel is also highly cPanel compatible, allowing users to migrate to the platform quickly.

SShield Affords 99.98% Effective Cybersecurity Defense

SPanel also brings other notable features, including the SShield real-time cybersecurity defense system. This quiet and unassuming tool blocks 99.98% of web attacks in real-time defense. It also monitors websites 24/7, allowing you to operate with peace of mind.

1-Click Application Deployment with Softaculous Premium

The inclusion of Softaculous Premium brings familiar, easy application deployment and takes it a step further. It blows past basic usage, allowing near-instant access to over 400 scripts that you can run with ease.

24/7 Technical Support Around the Year

If you need assistance with your ScalaHosting Managed Cloud VPS, help is never far away, thanks to 24/7 live ‘ask anything’ technical support. There’s no obstacle too challenging for the experts at ScalaHosting, who are committed to 30-second live chat and 30-minute support ticket response times.

SPanel Gets a Qualitative Enhancement

While SPanel has long brought simplicity to users, it is now enhanced to make it even better. The onboarding process gets a boost thanks to the ‘SPanel Tour & Account Creation Wizard.’ Using a new web hosting control panel has never been easier.

To better protect your accounts, SPanel also now boasts superior user login protection and optimization, so it’s more secure and even faster. Multiple email and domain name-associated features have also improved.

Among feature enhancements are:

  • Support for wildcard Let’s Encrypt SSL and wildcard subdomains

  • SShield Anti-spam Service to monitor the mail activity in real-time and block outbound SPAM

  • Hardened Email Configuration that blocks outbound email spoofing

  • Options to disable outgoing email for specific email addresses, domains or whole user accounts

  • Support for email disk quotas

  • Support for subdomains emails

ScalaHosting Now Offers Access to 24 Data Centers

Aside from power and reliability, the ScalaHosting partnership with AWS means customers get much better access to global networks. ScalaCustomers get to choose from native ScalaHosting data centers in New York, Texas, or Bulgaria – but also AWS and Digital Ocean options that extend available to an additional 24 locations.

Latency is one of the top contributing factors to web page load times. While Content Distribution Networks (CDNs) can help mitigate this somewhat, there’s no substitute better than a server located closer to target traffic origins.

‘The exponential expansion in data center location availability is one of the cornerstones of our AWS partnership that can benefit customers. Nothing shouts better access louder than bringing your commitment closer to the most important businesses,’ said Chris.

Choose High-Performance Managed Cloud Solutions Now

ScalaHosting is offering the entry plan AWS2GB at the special introductory price of only $25.95 per month to celebrate the new partnership. That’s a 28% discount off standard rates. The plan includes 1 CPU core, 2GB of RAM, 60GB SSD storage space, and 3TB bandwidth.

All plans also include access to SPanel, the SShiled real-time cybersecurity solution, LiteSpeed web server, daily backups, the SWordPress Manager, and a completely managed environment. For new customers moving from other services, ScalaHostign also includes free migration services.

ScalaHosting’s Managed Cloud offerings are available from the ScalaHosting website. Learn more about their robust AWS partnership plans at

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