The cloud complexity storm & changing organizational dynamics of IT – Highlights from VotE: Cloud, Hosting & Managed Services – S&P Global


Organizations continue to take advantage of public cloud to address changing business conditions brought on by the accelerated shift to the digital economy. However, data from 451 Research’s Voice of the Enterprise: Organizational Dynamics 2021 survey suggests that expanded IaaS/PaaS public cloud adoption and implementation brings challenges and growing pains along for the ride, including increasingly complex IT environments, IT management issues, skills shortages and difficulties in hiring and retaining cloud-skilled IT personnel.

The 451 Take

 As organizations move along the cloud maturity spectrum and transform their IT environments to serve the shifting requirements of digital businesses, increasing IT complexity and changing organizational dynamics are the inevitable result. Weathering the complexity storm will require enhanced IT skill sets, specialized cloud personas and coordination across IT and business roles within organizations.

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