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Illegal downloads are becoming more common. But among the victims of these downloads, one in particular did not give up. What could be worse if another company did our job? Also illegal! The Japanese manufacturer Nintendo is not there right away.

Following the lawsuit against the ROM distributor and the $ 2.1 million fine, Nintendo decided to attack Dstorage, a French company that hosts the website. A popular file hosting platform that once hosted Zone Download and Extreme Download files.

Nintendo makes sure that we tell each other!

Japanese manufacturer Nintendo recently discovered that users were hosting pirated Nintendo games on their website After several inquiries from Nintendo, Dstorage did not consider it appropriate to delete the illegal files on its website.

Unfortunately for the French company, Nintendo has announced that the court has found Dstorage guilty and fined him € 935,500 “in damages”. In addition, the same court confirms that websites like must act if there are illegal files on their platform.

Nintendo today congratulates the Paris judiciary on the decision. Indeed, recognition of Dstorage’s responsibility is required not only on this matter but across the video game industry as well.

The message from Nintendo is clear:

“By refusing to block access to content such as unauthorized copies of video games without notice, shared hosting service providers such as Dstorage (1fichier) assume their liability under French law and are required to remove or remove such content Making access to impossible. Non-compliant services can be sentenced to damages to rightsholders whose intellectual property rights have been infringed. “

Screenshot of the host

The Japanese video game developer is now urging consumers not to download pirated Nintendo video games or even Nintendo game consoles in order not to affect the functionality and experience of Nintendo products. Nintendo also supports developers of innovative software content by encouraging development and creativity.

Even a possible call cannot change anything

The French company Dstorage can appeal against this decision. But if you attack a company like Nintendo, the chances that the outcome of these proceedings will turn out to be in your favor are very slim. In fact, the Japanese manufacturer will certainly not let go of this and continue to fight against the piracy of its games and attack small developers like Dstorage. It is better not to compete with the Japanese company …