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The gaming industry has come a long way. Thanks to the internet and advanced solutions, you can now play with people from all over the world. However, nothing is perfect – when it comes to online gaming, there’s nothing more frustrating than lags, slow loading, and unstable connection.

Fortunately, there’s a way to enhance the online gaming experience for you and the people you play with – it’s called dedicated server hosting. It provides you with a reliable connection and more control over your game. And the list of advantages doesn’t end there.

What are the key benefits of dedicated servers, and is it worth getting one if you like playing games with your friends? You’ll find the answer below. Here’s the list of key reasons why you should invest in dedicated server hosting for gaming.

1. Better performance

One of the most significant benefits of dedicated server hosting in gaming is its better performance. Dedicated servers increase loading speed, preventing any lags from happening. They also lower the risk of being kicked out of the game due to connection difficulties.

Most of the games, however, prefer so-called peer-to-peer servers. Unlike dedicated hosting, it’s the game that looks for the best host itself.

Theoretically, it should work as fine as dedicated hosting, but the reality is much different. Games that use this solution are often inconsistent, sometimes making playing impossible. All because “the best host” doesn’t have to be… the best.

When you compare the best game servers in terms of performance, dedicated hosting always comes on top. So why do game developers prefer other solutions? The answer is simple – they’re cheaper.

2. Increased security

Better performance is not the only reason why you should consider getting dedicated server hosting. In addition to being faster and more reliable, dedicated servers are also much more secure. Even the name suggests that.

When something is dedicated, it means that no one else can use it, and that’s precisely the case. When you get your dedicated server, you don’t share it with any other person or malicious programs.

Thanks to that, the access is much more controlled, allowing you to enjoy your game without worrying about your online safety.

3. More control

Since you don’t share your dedicated server with anyone, it means you get more control over it. In some cases, you’ll even be able to add modifications or customize the game’s setup. The main benefit of increased control, though, is that it’s you who determines who enters the server.

It’s the opposite of shared hosting, which can kick you out of the game, even though your connection works fine. When using a dedicated server, you don’t have to worry about it. You’re the boss.

That makes it the best solution for people who love playing with their friends or are in a gaming team. With dedicated server hosting, you’ll also have the possibility to kick out players with high ping, allowing the game to run more smoothly.

4. Reliable infrastructure

Because dedicated servers are physical, they’re located in data centers. Those facilities usually use redundant power sources that keep the servers working if local power grids fail, making them far more reliable than other servers, like web hosting.

Moreover, companies that offer dedicated server solutions continuously monitor whether everything is working correctly; some providers even do it 24/7.

Thanks to that, they can immediately react when something fails, allowing you to enjoy your game without fear of getting kicked out.

5. Immediate support

As mentioned before, companies that offer dedicated server hosting solutions provide 24/7 surveillance; but their support doesn’t end there. They will not only deal with a problem right away but also help you focus on your game instead of technical stuff in general.

A dedicated hosting provider will help you set up and run your server. And when you find a reliable company, you can be sure they’ll take care of you properly and offer you immediate support when you need it.

When it comes to shared hosting, the case may be completely different.

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The bottom line

If you love playing online games with your friends, but you get kicked out of them all the time due to inconsistent servers, you should consider dedicated hosting. Using one will give you more control over your game, provide you with better performance, and increase your security.

What’s more, a reliable dedicated hosting provider will help you throughout the process, from setting up to running your server. They’ll also be there when you need them, as almost each one of them offers 24/7 surveillance and immediate support.

To sum it all up, when it comes to choosing server hosting for gaming purposes (or any other purposes), you would prefer to pick dedicated. Different types, like web and shared hosting, are less reliable and secure. They also don’t provide you with the same level of performance.

For a real gamer, it should be a no-brainer.

This post was orginally published on: September 25, 2020 and was updated on: March 15, 2021.