Travelport shifts to cloud hosting through Amazon Web Services – PhocusWire

Travelport has become the latest global distribution system to shift its technology to one of the big three hosting providers in the cloud.

The distribution and travel IT giant will migrate its global platform to Amazon Web Services as part of a wider-ranging agreement.

AWS will also be used for data storage, security services, analytics and machine learning in what Travelport says is its bid to “accelerate the digital transformation of retailing in the travel industry.”

The move is the latest development from Travelport after unifying its GDS earlier this year under a single platform, known as Travelport+.

The new environment replaced its three legacy systems, Galileo, Apollo and Worldspan.

The decision to switch to AWS follows similar strategies from its rivals Sabre and Amadeus.

Sabre signed a 10-year agreement with Google Cloud in January 2020 for hosting of distibution and infrastructure services.

Amadeus followed suit in late 2020 with an ageement with Microsoft.

Travelport CEO Greg Webb says: “This landmark collaboration is specifically designed to address just that. AWS’s retail heritage makes them uniquely qualified to optimize digital retail platforms, simplify complex environments, and enable game-changing innovation in the travel retailing space.

“With AWS as our preferred cloud partner, we are going to create a simpler, smarter, and better future for travel retailing.”

An additional element of the agreement is to launch a new acclerator program that will “incorporate talent from the tech startup community.”

Travelport has previously run a TechStars-type program for startups, launching its Travelport Labs Incubator in 2015.

The program ended in 2018.