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When I launched my lady startup in 2019, I was filled with excitement, passion, and a focused vision. Being that it was part side-hustle, part passion project, I had big plans for my heart-centred small business.         

I researched my market, identified a gap, and drafted a business plan. I felt a surge of excitement I have never felt before in the corporate world.  

Girls Thriving was born: practical support, tools and tips to empower young girls and support their parents. I was charged with enthusiasm. Only, it didn’t exactly… thrive, like I’d planned. 

Let me explain.

I largely based my planned revenue stream on running events and workshops for tween and teen girls. 

I planned a launch event – a gorgeous mums and daughters flower crown workshop. I ticked every item off my list: venue confirmed, florist and photographer booked, catering organised, even the goodie bags were filled.

The event sold out, and I was over the moon.

And then, a pandemic hit.

Given my business involved running face-to-face events, and the events industry was being obliterated, I had to pivot and rethink my entire business model. For me, this involved creating a physical product. 

I have learned so much in the past couple of years, and in many ways, lockdown has strengthened both my resolve and my business. 

So, if you’re considering turning your side-hustle into something more, let me share a few tips.

Strengthen your digital marketing.

When first launching my business, I quickly learned it was important to carve a space in the digital landscape. I just didn’t really know where to start. 

However, after a lot of trial and error, I think I’ve finally built some practical skills that have really levelled up my digital marketing. 

I soon discovered that there is SO much you can do in the digital space to bring awareness to your brand. It is the perfect time to capitalise on all the eyeballs spending more time online to strengthen your own business presence via your website and social media platforms.

Plenty of other lady startups in my community have recommended GoDaddy – it’s the world’s largest domain registrar that aspiring entrepreneurs and side-hustlers use to grow their businesses online 

Simply put, it’s a place you can do a bunch of things: grab your website domain, create a compelling brand and a great-looking website, attract customers with digital and social marketing, optimise your website for mobile, set up an online store, and plenty more.

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