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A Private Cloud can be a valid solution for your server hosting needs. However, you might not be aware that you don’t have to keep your servers at your own locations. With VMware Private Cloud hosting, you can have dedicated servers managed remotely, saving you time and money associated with maintaining your own hardware. What’s key to know is that this is one of many options available. Multi-tenant Private Clouds can also exist in an environment where the computing resources are shared with other Private Clouds and not necessarily in a fully dedicated environment.

What is VMware?

VMware is a computer software company specializing in cloud computing and virtualization. At its core, VMware enables companies to set up and control their own Private Cloud, where an organization’s digital assets are hosted across its own multiple servers.

VMware Private Cloud has some big advantages over the Public Cloud, including:

  • Higher level of security.
  • More granular control over security.
  • Self-contained resources.

VMware Private Clouds are typically hosted on servers owned by the organization and housed and maintained onsite or in an offsite leased data center space. This can be costly, both monetarily and in maintaining these systems. What many do not know is that this doesn’t have to be your only option. Managed VMware Private Cloud hosting can put your Private Cloud on remote servers while also taking care of everyday maintenance. 

VMware with a managed host

One of the main benefits of managed VMware hosting is the savings that comes from not needing to purchase expensive equipment and the VMware licensing agreements. Your VMware managed host will have all the necessary hardware for you, and will maintain VMware licensing agreements, so the business is not strained with that responsibility. This not only consolidates hosting needs, but it gives you room for scalability, as you will not have to work within the confines of your own server closet or colocation data center.

Additionally, your managed host is set up to handle the tasks that keep your Private Cloud up and running. VMware Private Cloud Hosting by Liquid Web takes care of and manages daily updates on networking, hardware maintenance, operating system and platform software, networking, hardware maintenance updates and other daily upkeep of your Private Cloud. This saves your organization from countless hours of work and maintenance costs.

Your host manages your entire Private Cloud infrastructure including network and server hardware, virtualization, components, storage, the VMware virtualization platform the operating system (OS) it runs on and the VMware virtualization platform. Moreover, your servers are monitored 24/7 all year around. 

VMware: Multi-tenant servers or dedicated hardware

VMware Private Clouds are hosted on either multi-tenant servers or on dedicated hardware. 

The VMware Private Cloud multi-tenant infrastructure hosts your Private Cloud on several enterprise-level servers that are shared with other Private Clouds in logically isolated and secure environments. Hosting in the VMware virtual data centers helps to decrease downtime with managed resources that are available 24/7 to remediate issues and ensure uptime, as the servers are spread apart across different locations. This means that the chance of multiple or all these server resources shutting down are slim. When it comes to resources, organizations can save money by paying for the services with pricing models based on CPU cores, RAM and storage rather than paying flat fees and incurring charges for unused resources. Speaking of resources, you only pay for what you need, meaning you can potentially save big. 

VMware on dedicated hardware puts only your Private Cloud on the multiple servers that make up your virtual data center. This isolation allows for tighter security, more customizable hardware configurations when the environment is ordered, as well as more customization and more input on how resources are split up in the Private Cloud. 

Regardless of what type of infrastructure you choose, VMware offers many tools and options to allow for easy migration. Easy migration allows you to migrate any existing virtual machines into your managed Private Cloud.

Use case examples of VMware Private Cloud 

Point of sale (POS) software

POS software requires multiple servers to support its many components. However, uptime is a huge concern, as POS systems need to be running constantly. VMware software allows your Private Cloud to be managed so that if something goes wrong, your servers can be moved with little to no downtime. VWware’s vMotion™ feature is ideal for POS systems as it allows upgrades and security patching to be performed with no downtime.

Business-to-business eCommerce application

Consider running an application with virtual machines (VMs) that are constantly gathering, storing and writing data into a database. On a singular dedicated server, if service is interrupted right in the middle of a large query, that database would likely be corrupted. This will cause additional downtime for restoring the database. On your managed Private Cloud hosting, however, VMware will be able to handle the hiccup with minimal downtime.

Management systems

As small to medium businesses move more essential functions into software and modernize systems, the need for servers also increases. Many management systems for accounting, customer relationship management, inventory and intranet often have seasonal uses and do not make sense to place on physical hardware. Private Cloud is ideal to operate these systems, as it allows organizations to allocate resources more efficiently and manage server sprawl.

Booking and client management software

Booking software for large chains (e.g., hotels, spas, etc.) must be able to handle many clients in several locations. A huge uptick in bookings in one location could overwhelm its server resources and cause downtime or poor performance VM. With VMware’s, the virtualization platform Dedicated Resource Scheduler™ can help move machines around the Private Cloud in order to optimize performance based on available resources. The Scheduler can hop in and pull resources from other virtual machines to help handle that extra demand. 

Explore managed VMware with Liquid Web

When it comes to hosting, you have options. Liquid Web specializes in Enterprise Hosting Solutions simplified for SMB needs. That means they will engineer tailored solutions that help you reach your business goals faster and at prices you can afford. Finding the right one for you can go a long way in keeping your business running smoothly. Contact an expert at Liquid Web to learn more about how Managed VMware Private Cloud Hosting can help your company thrive.