Vodacom Business, Trend Micro parter on cyber security – ITWeb

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Vodacom Business has expanded its security solutions to offer Trend Micro Worry-Free Services.

This suite of protection services covers endpoints such as laptops, desktops, mobile devices and servers, and includes Web browsing, e-mail and cloud collaboration.

Kabelo Makwane, managing executive for Cloud, Hosting & Security at Vodacom Business, says his organisation understands that businesses today, are facing massive challenges, one of them being the proliferation of cyber attacks.

“Through our partnership with Trend Micro, we are able to provide easy-to-install, simple-to-use security services that eliminate security gaps across any user activity from anywhere in any business,” he says.

Juan Joubert, cyber security practice lead at Trend Micro, says its Worry-Free Services have been designed to learn, adapt and share intelligence in real time.

An all-in-one agent with a cloud-based console gives visibility, control and advanced protection across the entire organisation, which is important as businesses continue to work remotely and implement cloud infrastructure, says Joubert. 

The dashboard is accessible through any Web browser and able to manage multiple devices, with Windows, Mac, Android and iOS support.

For smaller entities who lack a dedicated security team and skillset, this single agent can help to lessen the workload on IT services by offering up-to-the-second information across the whole organisation, including remote devices and e-mail, adds Makwane.

The services employ machine learning and behavioural analytics combined detection techniques to protect against crypto, malware, ransomware and advanced threats. And as human error is often to blame in an attack, businesses can use the URL filtering feature, which compares Web pages against a database to prevent employees from accessing harmful sites, as well as application monitoring, which blocks unauthorised or unknown applications from executing attacks.

Vodacom Business offers a suite of Trend Micro Worry-Free Services that range in cost-effective capabilities. These include Advanced for complete e-mail and collaboration protection, Worry Free XDR for automatic detection and response across email and endpoint, and Worry Free with Co-Managed XDR.