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Web hosting is the first step when you intend to create a website. Proper hosting service is required for your website to be visible to anyone on the internet. We will discuss it, how it works, what are its types, and how web hosting providers can help you to get your website up and functioning on the internet.

What is Web Hosting?

It refers to the online facility that enables an individual to publish his/her website on the internet so that people having internet access can browse through your website.

How does it work?

In brief, web hosting providers make their expertise and service combined with technology available to be hired for individuals to host their websites on the internet. Before going live with your website on the internet, the individual selects a domain name and pays for the hosting charges to the web hosting provider.

The web hosting providers make sure that your website is running without any issues. Besides this, they also protect your website from security threats and offer you a storage facility for all the important information on the website.

Types of Web Hosting

Most web hosting providers will offer you various kinds of hosting services. The cost will vary for each type depending upon your requirement. Following are the different types of web hosting:

1.   Shared Hosting

When different websites are hosted on the same server then it is known as Shared Hosting. This kind of hosting is affordable as you do not have to pay for the server costs alone. Shared hosting is preferred by people who want to start blogs and small business owners. Besides being affordable, shared hosting ensure the smooth performance of your website.

2.   WordPress Hosting

As it goes by the name, this kind of hosting service is adjusted according to WordPress on a server to confirm easy surfing. WordPress hosting is easy to configure and gets ready within a minute. The page loading time is also higher in WordPress Hosting.

3.   Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting

Virtual Private Server Hosting which is also abbreviated as VPS hosting uses dedicated CPU Cores from a shared server on which different websites are hosted. It is expensive due to the features it provides like increased storage space, high memory, and processing capacity.

It is used by advanced individuals or businesses who have the capability to manage servers on their own.

4.   Cloud Hosting

Nowadays Cloud Hosting has different definitions for different applications. When a VPS Hosting can be scaled up to numerous servers then it is referred to as Cloud Hosting. Also, some organizations have started using it for their regular VPS Hosting Servers.

5.   Dedicated Hosting

In this type, the entities get a devoted server of their own with the feature of VPS hosting which is not supposed to be pooled with other websites. Dedicated hosting is mostly used by large companies as medium and small businesses cannot afford its high price.


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